Some great information about Comic Con event ticket prices

I’ve attended a dozen or more (way more, actually) comic con events in the last 5 years, and one thing I always here from attendees is the same thing I hear from concert-goers:

Ticket prices.

What a scam, right? I mean, a ticket is advertised at X, but you get out the door (or website, really) at Y.

What the hell, man?

Well, a great article over at the Denver Comic Con website by Christina Angel lays out the ins and outs of their ticketing issues for the 2018 event. Read the full thing, but here’s some highlights:

“Ticket prices are tricksy; there’s a base price, a face price, and a post-fees price that all seem like a dizzying pile of numbers when it’s all said and done. It can be enormously frustrating to buyers, and it’s frustrating for us, too.”

Yes. This is the #1 complaint by folks buying tickets on-line to any event anywhere.

“[…] we are required by the City of Denver to add in a 10% FDA tax to every ticket sold. Yes, you read that correctly: 10%.”

Local taxation at it’s finest, to be sure.

“[…] the City of Denver has a contract with AXS for ticketing to all Denver-owned venues, of which the Colorado Convention Center is one. Using AXS is therefore not optional for us, and they get to add additional fees to the face price of the ticket (yay!). We don’t have any say in this matter”

Now, every comic con event has different local taxation, and may have contractual limits on who can sell tickets to which venues in their cities. This, as the kids say, sucks balls, especially when it turns a $75 ticket into a $100+ ticket.

So remember, it’s not always the event’s fault you’re paying so much. Sometimes, it really is outside their control…

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