Greetings, Thanksgiving, Home Maintenance, and a Brief Message for Felicia Day.

Well, the long holiday weekend is nearly over, and I can honestly say, “finally.”

Not that I don’t love Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving. There’s no such thing as too much turkey, nor is there such a thing as too many turkey leftovers (I’m looking at you, Felicia Day… ).

You know what I don’t love, though? When you’re doing that early, not-really-dishwashing-but-simply-organizing-the-dirty-dishes-in-the-sink thing, just rinsing plates and running the disposal to get a jump on the actual cleaning later, you know?

And then there’s water under your sink.

A lot of water. Disposal water. Eww.

So we stopped using that side of the sink, called the plumber, and were lucky enough to be able to have a guy come out the next morning.* Unfortunately, the next morning, I got a call that he couldn’t make it till Monday.

Just as a brief aside, here’s the text exchange I had with my wife at work when I got that call Friday morning:


“It wouldn’t be us if it wasn’t.” Nearly 28 years and that should be our family motto. Regardless, we were getting it fixed.

Later that same afternoon, the plumber called, saying they’d had a cancellation, and asking if they could come over right then?

Well, duh. Of course.

So by 6 pm, we had a new, fully functioning, non-leaking garbage disposal, consigning the leaky, original-to-the-house (20 years) disposal to the ash heap of history.

The new disposal, by the way, isn’t some contractor standard “In-sink-erator,” no, Sir.

It’s a Wolverine Brass.** Full stainless steel interior, quieter, more powerful, etc., etc.


So finally, this weekend is on the verge of being complete. I also managed to get the Christmas tree and lights up on Friday while I was waiting for the Plumber to come, not-come, come again, along with a very stylish outdoor inflatable decoration, which will cost some bastard teenager his testicles if he messes with it.


Classy, no?

But that’s it, for now. Enjoy your turkey leftovers (Felicia), and prepare yourself for the long slog toward Christmas.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

*I know what you’re thinking: why didn’t I just do the work myself? 2 reasons: A) Any store with a disposal for sale was closed for Thanksgiving, and B) I don’t do plumbing. Too much possibility for associated disaster. Light switch, light fixture, outlet, etc., I’m good. No plumbing.
**Full disclosure: as a born and bred Pennsylvania boy, and by extension a Penn State Football fan, I hate all things Wolverine, because Michigan. But the disposal is pretty nice, so I’ll make an exception, just this once.

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