Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Day one of the pop culture extravaganza known as Fan Expo (Dallas flavored) is in the books, at least for me.

After an uneventful flight in from Salt Lake, where we left 40 degrees and rain, to Dallas, where we were greeted by near 80 degrees and 80% humidity… and rain. I forgot how humid it is in Texas, by the way.

Entry seemed to go pretty smoothly. plenty of pass redemption lines and almost no wait when the doors opened at 4 pm.

I don’t have to tell you what a big deal that is when it comes to cons. We’ll see if that holds up tomorrow, as saturday is always the biggest and busiest day of any con, no matter where it is, but so far, so good.

The floor inside the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center was well-organized, if not a bit busy on the vendor and artist side. the lower level holds the celebrity area for autographs and photos, along with the professional cosplayers and food court. I can’t help but feel like maybe there is some wasted space there though…

Some really fun cosplayers, as always:

Also, some cool displays, including this one of the Silence, whom I appreciate more now that I’ve been playing catch-up on RE: the new Doctor Who series. I’ve always been a Tom Baker 4th Doctor fan, but there’s some good stuff in the new bits as well.

And what con would be complete without vendors’ stalls full of wares? that’s right: none.

Got a photo with the wonderful Amy Acker (currently of Fox’s The Gifted). She was able to stop in here for the day on her way out to Las Vegas for Clexa Con, and LGBTQ-related multi-fandom event. I’m sure being here today significantly extended her weekend, so I thank her for that sacrifice.

Tomorrow will be the true test of Fan Expo’s mettle: the simultaneous 1-day appearances of Ben Affleck and Jeff Goldblum. I shudder at the logistics. We shall see.

Till then, it’s time to say good night.

Bon soir, mes amis.

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