From Beginning to End – Greatest Rock Documentaries

I know I’ve talked about these two Rock Documentaries before, but as the second one was on cable recently, I was reminded of how well these two work together to document a band from inception to height of popularity to the ending.

Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage poster


Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage and Rush: Time Stand Still (review here) must easily rank as the greatest pair of films not concerned with sensationalizing a band, but with truly documenting a band, not just through their own eyes and testimony, but even more so through the eyes of the fans.Rush Time Stand Still

From their pre-1974 debut album days (the eponymous Rush), to the addition of arguably the greatest drummer in Rock history in Neil Peart, to their monstrously successful 40 year recording and touring career, their (long-overdue) induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (suck it Jan Wenner) and culminating with the decision every band is eventually faced with, but few actually make, these two films provide a career retrospective second to none.

True music fans will surely appreciate the access and depths these films plumb to get at the heart of what makes a band and band, and what makes a truly successful band so hard to maintain indefinitely.



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