FanX 2018 – T-minus 5 days

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Well, it’s crunch time for Salt Lake City’s premiere pop-culture event, FanX 2018 (obligatory “screw you, San Diego”).

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FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention

Cosplayers are desperately rushing to finish their outfits, props, and perfect their make-up.

Fans are frantically combing through the early version of the schedule and crying over which panels they will have to miss in order to attend a can’t-miss photo-op or other high-profile panel.

Some folks are complaining about random things which won’t affect anyone but them, but don’t we all do that from time to time?

In other words: there’s five days until FanX 2018 kicks off next Thursday.

The biggest news is the saddest. Square-Ben-Affleck-8-23-postponedFirst, headlining guest Ben Affleck, who was a HUGE get, had to cancel his appearance because he needed to go back into rehab for his alcohol related issues. I completely understand, and wish him well as he attempts to get his personal life back on track. Kudos to Jennifer Garner for putting the needs of her children’s father ahead of any other issues and helping Ben get the help he needs.

Notice I didn’t mention his professional life? Yeah, because if his personal life isn’t right, his professional life doesn’t really matter much, does it?

Square-Dick-Van-Dyke-POSTPONEDAnd just a day or two ago, the legendary Dick Van Dyke, whose appearance last year was marred by a canceled-not-canceled roundabout which caused much confusion and consternation amongst fans, has had to cancel this year’s appearance, as well. We can only hope it is nothing serious, and that we may yet get him here for a full, controversy-free appearance in the Spring of 2019.

But (see above) some folks first, gut reaction was to question how these cancellations would affect them and their experience, without considering why those cancellations occurred in the first place. This doesn’t rise to the level of “toxic fandom” by any stretch, but speaks more to the “me-first” mindset pervasive in society overall today.

But, those two bits of bad news aside, on the “good news” front, FanX picked up a couple of guests who weren’t projected as possibilities at all, after the row earlier this year.


First, Star Wars historian/librarian/keeper-of-all-knowledge Pablo Hidalgo is attending. This is important, because a large contingent of local and associated Star War personage had sworn up and down that he would NOT be attending because they were sitting the event out due to the events linked above, and their influence was instrumental in his previous appearances in the first place.

Editors Note: I don’t want to hit this too hard, but in this era of outrage (both legitimate and faux), it would behoove people to remember that they can speak only for themselves, not for anyone else. And–and this is key–if you stake your words on your reputation, only to have your words proven wrong…? Well, don’t you look like a banana-head?

Secondly, author Brandon Sanderson, who was deeply involved in the outside response to the above-linked issues, as well, has been convinced of the changes and improvements made by the FanX organizers enough to change his stance on attendance.

Therefore, I say “huzzah!” and am glad the some guests and potential guests are taking a measured, logical approach to evaluating the situation that occurred and how it is being addressed in order to ascertain for themselves what they will do, professionally, instead of sticking with the “first-response is the only-response” crowd of the torch-bearing mobs.

That may be hyperbole, but I think you get my point.

Regardless, I expect great things from an absolutely killer guest list, along with the energy and support the Salt Lake fan-base always brings with it. First time guests will be blown away by the crowds, I’m sure.

See you all in 5 days at the beautiful Salt Palace Convention Center for a 3-day binge of all things awesome.


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