RIP Stan Lee

Marvel Comic’s founder and American pop-culture icon

Stan Lee

died this morning after being rushed to the hospital from his home.

While his comic book resume is well known amongst fans of the various characters he helped bring to life, it is impossible to overstate the influence those characters have had on not only American pop-culture, but pop-culture worldwide.

Now universal bits of wisdom such as “with great power comes great responsibility,” along with the patriotism of Captain America, who valued right and wrong above all else, enshrined Stan’s basic sense of human decency not only onto pulp pages but into the general worldview of America.

Trickling down through Marvel Comics titles through the year, the need for substance in addition to spectacle put the company ahead of its rivals. Despite personal and corporate difficulties later in life, Stan was always beloved by comic fans, and he loved them in return, with countless personal appearances at comic-themed events.

The absence of a personality as strong as Stan Lee will leave a hole in the comics universe, not just for Marvel, but for fans of comics around the world.

RIP Stan Lee

Editor-in-Chief of our hearts

Dec 28, 1922 – Nov 12, 2018

Stan Lee

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