Update, 24 Feb 2019

Just a quick taste of some of the additional material I’m adding to one of the projects I started here in the Shadow (since removed).

“Phillip, consider this, then: if there exists or existed some primal place from which all of these legends sprang in the distant pass, has it not occurred to you that perhaps actually finding it might not be the best idea? All of them, at their surfaces, are areas of peace and bounty, but you know, possibly more than most by now, that these myths, no matter what civilization or proto-civilization birthed them, are universal in the cloaking of the bad beneath a veneer of the good. Often, the leaders of those civilizations specifically disregarded the bad altogether in order to achieve a modicum of control over a population whose social construct is built on those very myths.”

I had, in fact, considered it, and told him so.

“Then why search for it at all?”

I couldn’t answer that.


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