Mark W Woodring is a 20+ year Air Force veteran (retired at the end of 2009). During his career and since, he managed to collect three of the most unrelated college degrees possible: an AAS in Applied Avionics from the Community College of the Air Force, and AAS in Computer Science from Weber State University, and an MA in English (after a BS in English with a History minor), also from Weber State.

He currently holds a day job as a Technical Editor for the Department of Defense, working at Hill AFB in Utah, where he managed (or was sentenced…?) to spend most of his Active Duty time.

His night job is that of an editor for Curiosity Quills Press. Interesting work, if one can get it, especially for writer. It requires a keen eye and a sardonic (and sarcastic) wit.

He manages this blog, and has recently begun to give his twitter feed (@mwwoodring), more attention.

But he wants more…

In that vein, he has recently started another endeavor: The Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, which he roped both a fellow movie fan and a professional reviewer into doing with him. It turns out, it’s a pretty fun time, and they’re getting pretty good at it.

He is a writer, editor, film and book reviewer, and general literary miscreant   He has published several pieces of short fiction and a couple academic articles, and even wrote the short film “Interest,” available on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HvXdFtERY4 ).

He briefly did book review work for the website LifeIsStory.com, until the need to focus on his own writing and other interests took center stage.

Mark has held press passes for a couple of events, including Stan Lee’s 2013 Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles and the recent FanXperience in Salt Lake City using this blog as his reporting outlet. He takes those responsibilities seriously, reporting his experiences good and bad.

Mark is a fan FIRST, so that doesn’t mean he can overlook things that are wrong, though he would much rather point out the good. And, thanks to the generally good-nature of the fans, things are usually very good, indeed.

His new goal is to get some authors and media personalities/celebrities to do short interviews for the site as well. Nothing big, just a few questions, some of which they’ve probably never heard before, in whatever format they’re comfortable using: email, voice, or even video (eventually).

Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to give a shout.

He will periodically post bits of works in progress, as well as links to various things he finds interesting.

Remember, if you like what you see here, share it! Why should your friends miss out on the pure and unadulterated joy that is MyOwnLittleShadow?

One thought on “About

  1. Hey Old Timer. Glad to see you’re still working hard. 20 years to go till u retire? Have you and your family been in good health? My family and I are okay. We are symptomless. Don’t really travel, except to medical appointments. Say hi to everyone up there for me. Let me know if you guys have any approved wild parties.

    Jim Fergus, “former hardest worker in 1236”


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