A Whole New Con

Within the last day or so, I saw a new comic con event pop up in my social media: Started by former Wizard World CEO, John Macaluso, the inaugural event is scheduled for September 15-17, 2017, at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas (my old stomping grounds). Reminder: the last time I saw a con … Continue reading A Whole New Con

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017

Hey, everyone! Well, I got back from the weekend in beautiful, hot, Las Vegas a couple hours ago. Now that I've done all the standard "back home" checklist, it's time to fill you in on what went down while we were there. (I'll do this in various posts, of course, including the Amazing Las Vegas … Continue reading Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017

Amazing weekend incoming

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. A few months ago, the wife and I decided to go to Las Vegas to see the Queen + Adam Lambert show. That trip is now only 2 days away. But, as it turns out, that’s no longer all we’re doing down there. The Amazing Las Vegas Comic … Continue reading Amazing weekend incoming

Ever been to Coventry?

Everyone knows by now--or should know--that I love me a good comic con. I've been to cons in Salt Lake, LA, Vegas, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, Houston, and even a teeny-tiny inaugural event in little San Angelo, Texas. And they are, all of them, great, especially when the community is really excited about them. With … Continue reading Ever been to Coventry?

16 June 2017 – Denver Comic Con Update

Well, we're two weeks out from Denver Comic Con 2017, and the cancellation bug has struck again. Sadly, Eliza Dushku has had to cancel her appearance at Denver Comic Con this year, which sucks for all of her fans. Luckily for those in the Rocky Mountain area, she is now scheduled to be at Salt … Continue reading 16 June 2017 – Denver Comic Con Update

Salt Lake vs San Diego, the Final Chapter.

As we speak, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg (co-founders of Salt Lake Comic Con) are in San Diego, California, for the final go at settling the ridiculous lawsuit brought against them by Comic Con International, the owning organization of San Diego Comic Con.                          Since the beginning, it has been easy, as a fan, to … Continue reading Salt Lake vs San Diego, the Final Chapter.

Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!

Okay, here's a quick look at the latest and greatest on Denver Comic Con 2017. First, Graham McTavish and Bonnie Wright have had to cancel their appearances due to work commitments. They will be missed. On the upside, DCC2017 has added Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy, so that's cool for those fans! Additionally, the … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!

Denver Comic Con 2017 **Update**

Hey, all! Now that we're past Phoenix Comicon, it's time to shift focus to the upcoming Denver Comic Con at the end of June. In light of all that happened in Phoenix, the folks out in Denver have issued the following Public Service Announcement. If you're a con-goer, have a read so you're prepared. If … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2017 **Update**

Phoenix Comicon and Dick Van Dyke, a Final Word

First, let me just say that I did not get into Dick Van Dyke's panel at Phoenix Comicon. It was such a big-ticket event... Hopefully, if he comes to Salt Lake Comic Con in September I can get in... maybe he'll do a Vivant Arena panel like Mark Hamill did. As I've reported previously, the … Continue reading Phoenix Comicon and Dick Van Dyke, a Final Word

Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Wrap-up

So I've spent the weekend here in phoenix for Phoenix Comicon. There's quite a bit of stuff to talk about so let's try to take it in chunks, shall we? First there is the issue of accessing the venue itself. The facility is huge and therefore lends itself to being able to support multiple points … Continue reading Phoenix Comicon 2017 – Wrap-up