Holy cow, everyone; it's been a busy week for me, so bear with me as I play a bit of catch-up. First, let me just say that I took a well-deserved break with the missus to Las Vegas last weekend for a 4 day MINI Cooper event with the lovely folks that run that branch … Continue reading Whew!

Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 First Guest Announcements

Well, this is going to be fairly short, since I'm getting ready to hit the hay before getting up and starting a fun-filled 4-day road trip with the missus across Nevada. This morning, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg held a press conference at the Utah State Capital Rotunda to announce the first round of guests … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 First Guest Announcements

Space City Comic Con – AGAIN!

Well, based on this reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/houston/comments/6a721h/beware_space_city_comic_con_changed_its_name_to/ it looks like Space City Comic Con organizer George Comits is trying to get back into the convention game. Not calling it Space City Comic Con this time around, though. Check this out, then check out my previous coverage of Space City Comic Con HERE. https://youtu.be/Wyel34VIHKY  

SLCC 2017 musings

Well, after Thursday night's Salt Lake Comic Con sponsored showings of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2, fans were left with one more guest name for September's event. Now, in addition to the already confirmed Jewel Staite, Matthew Lewis, and recently the incredible Val Kilmer, it looks like we'll get to see Sean Gunn. Take … Continue reading SLCC 2017 musings

Phoenix Comicon & Dick Van Dyke

Holy buckets. It's happening again. https://youtu.be/pOGzJyPkZWk  

Salt Lake vs Denver vs Phoenix – A Breakdown

Now that all the Salt Lake City folks are jumping for joy (and freaking out a little bit) that ticket prices have been announced for this September’s event, I decided to do a quick comparison of prices for the next three conventions I’ll be covering. All three conventions offer the equivalent of Salt Lake’s "VIP" … Continue reading Salt Lake vs Denver vs Phoenix – A Breakdown

Salt Lake Comic Con 2017 Gets the Ball Rolling

Today, Salt Lake Comic Con co-founder Bryan Brandenburg announced on facebook that tickets for Salt Lake Comic Con will go on sale next week. Hope everyone saved some money from Fan X 2 weeks ago, lol. It begins. Salt Lake Comic Con runs From 21-23 September at the Salt Palace.

“Daredevil” Cast at Phoenix Comicon

In case you forgot (how on Earth could you possibly forget this?), these three fine actors are going to be appearing together over Memorial Day Weekend at Phoenix Comicon: Jon Bernthal, Elden Henson, and Charlie Cox from the hit Netflix show, Daredevil, will be available for fans (including this one) to go nuts over in … Continue reading “Daredevil” Cast at Phoenix Comicon

Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion!

A big happy birthday shout-out to everyone's favorite Firefly Captain, Nathan Fillion! The fearless smuggler (Firefly), author (Castle), and movie-star (ConMan) will be appearing at Denver Comic Con from June 30-July 2, in the beautiful Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver, Colorado. From DCC: Fillion is well-known for his collaborations with Joss Whedon, starting with … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Nathan Fillion!

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017 Wrap-Up

Well, it's that time again. Time to look back at the last two days of wonderful geekiness that was FanX, 2017. Yes, we only got two days instead of three this time, but hey, that's way better than the ZERO we were originally scheduled, so... FanX: 1, Naysayers: 0 At the opening press conference, Dan and … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con FanX 2017 Wrap-Up