I finally did it.

After years of work, rejection, revision, rejection, revision, rejection, ad nauseum, I finally decided to just self-publish The Cooper's Son on Amazon. Sure, right now it's only available for Kindle, but if there's any kind of reaction, I will try to get some art and release a physical version. But the biggest thing is that … Continue reading I finally did it.

Ugh… is it over yet?

2020, I mean. What? It is? Dammit. It sure doesn't feel that way. I guess I'll have to brighten up my own 2021, since it's already shaping up to be another banner year in the annals (anal?) of history. But we're all in this sticky situation together. Hang strong, people. The Shadow is back, and … Continue reading Ugh… is it over yet?

The Cooper’s Son update, 17 Aug 2019

I am currently roughing in some expanded/new scenes to close some minor plot and story gaps in The Cooper's Son. Here's the first draft of a fairly pivotal moment I just added this evening: It was early April when Rebekka brought their son into the world, as the snows fought to keep the last few … Continue reading The Cooper’s Son update, 17 Aug 2019

Random Marvel Thoughts

Sorry it's been so long. I feel bad I haven't written in anger for quite some time. I will get back to that, I promise, but right now I have a bunch of random thoughts running around my head regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that I need to get out. They may or may … Continue reading Random Marvel Thoughts

Why are we still talking about this?

The Video speaks for itself. I'd tell you to enjoy it, but I didn't really enjoy making it, so.... https://youtu.be/tbmkBt4y1ak

Update, 24 Feb 2019

Just a quick taste of some of the additional material I'm adding to one of the projects I started here in the Shadow (since removed). “Phillip, consider this, then: if there exists or existed some primal place from which all of these legends sprang in the distant pass, has it not occurred to you that … Continue reading Update, 24 Feb 2019

Monday Morning Musing

The problem, I think, is that the Sith now openly control the government. They deal only in absolutes. Nothing the "other" side says or does could possibly be acknowledged to be right or true, nor can anything "their" side does/says possibly be admitted to be wrong or a lie. The real world, the world in … Continue reading Monday Morning Musing

More from the archives: this time, it’s… “More”

Still going through my archives. Here's the intro to a 5k piece I wrote for my Master's classes. It's a continuation, a lost chapter, if you will, of Saint Sir Thomas More's classic novel: Utopia. For the record, I really think I nailed the tone and style, and it got a pretty nice markup, as … Continue reading More from the archives: this time, it’s… “More”

Knocking the dust and rust off…

While working on the Arthurian novel, I'm also taking a look back at some short pieces which might go well in a collection. I'll be posting very brief snippets of some of them over the coming weeks as I find out whether I really like them or not. Here's the first. From a sci-fi piece, … Continue reading Knocking the dust and rust off…

Today (8 Jan 2019)

I am happy to report I am moving through the Arthurian piece pretty well (I may change the name... we'll see). It's a quick run-through for blindingly obvious "fix-its" so I can give it to a couple readers while I go back at it slower and deeper. That sounded dirty... Anyway, I am happy to … Continue reading Today (8 Jan 2019)