Help me do what I do!

Hey, Shadow denizens. Help me to continue doing the things that you like reading about, like attending cons and other events.

FOLLOW My Own Little Shadow if you like what I do here. The more people that follow, the easier it is for me to gain press credentials for events.

SHARE the articles with your friends if you think they’ll like them. Don’t keepĀ them to yourself. Get them to follow. See above.

LIKE the articles you enjoy reading. It will help me decide what to write next.

COMMENT on the articles if you just have to get something out of your system, good or bad. Whether you think I’m right or wrong, express yourself!

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, too: @MWWoodring. I promise I won’t flood your twitter feed daily, but during events, you’ll probably get some stuff that doesn’t end up here in the shadow.

And, you’re feeling incredibly generous and have the wherewithal, consider donating a little bit to my travel fund. Anything can help offset a travel expense as I go from Con to Con, from a tank of rental car gas to a quick bite to eat during an 8-10 hour day on my feet.

Any and every little bit helps, and is more appreciated than you can possibly know.

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