Revisiting an old friend: Dipping a toe into the new “Who”

I’ve watched Doctor Who before: the classics, at least. I grew up with Tom Baker as “my” Doctor, and I don’t think that will change. I hadn’t watched anything related to Doctor Who after “Trial of a Time Lord” when it re-broadcast locally on over-the-air channel "RetroTV" last year (after at least 6 months of … Continue reading Revisiting an old friend: Dipping a toe into the new “Who”

Salt Lake vs San Diego, the Final Chapter.

As we speak, Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg (co-founders of Salt Lake Comic Con) are in San Diego, California, for the final go at settling the ridiculous lawsuit brought against them by Comic Con International, the owning organization of San Diego Comic Con.                          Since the beginning, it has been easy, as a fan, to … Continue reading Salt Lake vs San Diego, the Final Chapter.

Still MORE “New Bits” pt 7

One more round of New Bits. It's rapidly reaching the point that I'm going to have to actually plan something out for this, but otherwise, I think it's going smashingly. Go back and read the earlier installments if you need to play catch-up. Just search the site for "new bits." Here we go... A step … Continue reading Still MORE “New Bits” pt 7

Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!

Okay, here's a quick look at the latest and greatest on Denver Comic Con 2017. First, Graham McTavish and Bonnie Wright have had to cancel their appearances due to work commitments. They will be missed. On the upside, DCC2017 has added Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy, so that's cool for those fans! Additionally, the … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!

A quick jaunt down memory lane…

Figured I'd just talk today. More writing to come this weekend, along with some Denver Comic Con updates, as well. Until then, enjoy this walk down Memory Lane, movie lovers.

More “New Bits.” Part 6

Well, I was able to crunch out a couple hundred words for you today. Back on the "New Bits" piece. I suppose I'm going to have to pick one or the other of these exercise streams* and stick with it for a while... Anyone have an opinion on which way to go? New Bits or … Continue reading More “New Bits.” Part 6

Publishing update – 4 June 2017

Very excited to have been invited to contribute a short piece to Matthew Cox's Anthology, based in his expansive Divergent Fates universe. Encompassing cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and stories set in a neo-feudal Japan, the DF universe is ripe for expanded storytelling. I hope you partake of it and enjoy. My piece is called The Contractor, … Continue reading Publishing update – 4 June 2017

Denver Comic Con 2017 **Update**

Hey, all! Now that we're past Phoenix Comicon, it's time to shift focus to the upcoming Denver Comic Con at the end of June. In light of all that happened in Phoenix, the folks out in Denver have issued the following Public Service Announcement. If you're a con-goer, have a read so you're prepared. If … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2017 **Update**

Back to “Trifles” pt 6

Felt the need to change it up today, so I jumped back to the "Creative Trifle" exercise I was doing before the "New Bits." Enjoy, and please give me some feedback if you think it appropriate. This exercise has me pushing my descriptive nature, as opposed to my preference, which is dialogue. Once I’d made … Continue reading Back to “Trifles” pt 6

Phoenix Comicon and Dick Van Dyke, a Final Word

First, let me just say that I did not get into Dick Van Dyke's panel at Phoenix Comicon. It was such a big-ticket event... Hopefully, if he comes to Salt Lake Comic Con in September I can get in... maybe he'll do a Vivant Arena panel like Mark Hamill did. As I've reported previously, the … Continue reading Phoenix Comicon and Dick Van Dyke, a Final Word