Writing Services

In addition to maintaining this blog (and the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast), I do freelance editing, and have collaborated with several authors who were in the Curiosity Quills Press stable (before said stable caught fire), such as Matthew Cox (“Grey Ronin,” “One More Run”) and Edward Aubry (“Unhappenings”) in that capacity.

I have served as both a genre editor (fiction) and managing editor of Aelurus, the Weber State University Graduate Literary Journal, so you can be confident that I have experience in these areas

I am willing to review and edit manuscripts of all types and lengths, depending on my current workload and the author’s timetable. Fees will be agreed on prior to the start of the project and will be billed via PayPal, but a basic guideline is available below:

Single Pass, general overview of Plot, Pacing, etc.

(Editor’s Report will not be less than 300 words):

Short Story (< 20k words) – $40

Manuscript (> 20k words) – $50-$150

Single Pass, in-depth review, with commented document:

Short Story (< 20k words) – $75

Manuscript (> 20k words) – $150-$250

Manuscripts deemed “long” will be negotiated prior to beginning the review.

 I am also available to do guest blogs or articles.

Be warned: I can be a bit blunt in my criticism: not to be mean, but to make sure that my concerns are heard and the author can either correct their mistakes or justify their creative decisions. Hopefully the latter.

I can be contacted by email, MyOwnLittleShadow@gmail.com, or through the comments section of this page.

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