NaNoWriMo 2018

Been away a while, and I apologize. Started NaNoWriMo yesterday. Hopefully will get farther than I did last year. I'll try to pay updates, along with some good lines/sections as I go. Life is still complicated so bear with me. See you all around, and thanks for hanging out with me.

FanX 2018 – Day Two and Beyond

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**Note: Language ahead. English, with some French, and by French, I mean cursing.** A little late, but here's some notes on Day Two of FanX 2018 [Yes, I will get to both the positive and negative... relax, already] along with some overall impressions (Day Three and fallout): Well, Day Two of FanX 2018 has come … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day Two and Beyond

FanX 2018 – Day One

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I present to you my thoughts of day one of FanX 2018. I do so while sitting in my chair at home, in excruciating agony. More on that later.* The morning on Social Media started a bit rough, with someone posting to Facebook that a volunteer told them the registration area wouldn't be open till … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day One

Final Wrap-Up: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 is in the books. Finally getting a chance to wrap-up coverage of my Memorial Day weekend spent at Phoenix Comic Fest (PFC). See previous days' coverage Here, Here, and Here. This is just going to be a laundry list of things that stick in my mind from Day 4 of the … Continue reading Final Wrap-Up: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018