It begins…

I've pulled down (made PRIVATE, actually) a few of the ongoing writing exercises I've put up here because I think they have the potential to become quality short/not-so-short pieces for an anthology. Stay tuned for updates! Feels good... it really does.

Publishing update – 4 June 2017

Very excited to have been invited to contribute a short piece to Matthew Cox's Anthology, based in his expansive Divergent Fates universe. Encompassing cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and stories set in a neo-feudal Japan, the DF universe is ripe for expanded storytelling. I hope you partake of it and enjoy. My piece is called The Contractor, … Continue reading Publishing update – 4 June 2017

I’m writing and submitting stuff… that's always good. I've got a short piece of fiction (one of my favorites actually: it's an adaptation of a Greek tragedy) I'm looking at sending in to an anthology right now. I've also got a piece I submitted to last year's anthology that was a shoe-in for acceptance... until I sent in a … Continue reading I’m writing and submitting stuff…

Reminder: Coming Soon!

Don't forget that on January 31 you can pick up your very own copy of the Darkscapes Anthology from Curiosity Quills Press. Featuring short stories from some great authors, including the great Piers Anthony, and ME!  

Fall update – What is going on here…?

What a whirlwind of activity around here, lately. I started the podcast, finished and picked up another editing job, signed paperwork for a short story publication in January of 2017, got edits for that piece to go over, and am planning a 6 day road trip to Texas and back at the end of the … Continue reading Fall update – What is going on here…?

“Chronology” releases! January 1, 2015

It's finally here! Today, Curiosity Quills Press anthology "Chronology" is published and available for immediate download to your kindle on I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on all of the stories, not just mine, so SOUND OFF when you've read it! Happy New Year, everyone!

“Chronology” update

Just finished looking at the eGalley for the Curiosity Quills anthology "Chronology." Sent in minor corrections on my piece,  "After-party." January 1 release date for Kindle version. Hard copy to follow. Woo!

A Glorious Day in the life of the Shadow.

I know that I have been a little behind the curve updating the Shadow, but I'll make it up to you all, I swear. First though, I have an announcement. The anthology "Chronology," published by Curiosity Quills Press, is now up on Amazon and available for pre-order (both Kindle and Paperback) for delivery on 1 … Continue reading A Glorious Day in the life of the Shadow.