FanX 2018 – Day One

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I present to you my thoughts of day one of FanX 2018. I do so while sitting in my chair at home, in excruciating agony. More on that later.* The morning on Social Media started a bit rough, with someone posting to Facebook that a volunteer told them the registration area wouldn't be open till … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day One

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017 – Day 1

Here starts coverage of this year's iteration of Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. As in previous years, today was a travel day for me, flying in from Salt Lake City to attend for the 5th straight year. And, as is usual, nothing much differs in air travel from point to point, unless, of course, something … Continue reading Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2017 – Day 1

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017

Hey, everyone! Well, I got back from the weekend in beautiful, hot, Las Vegas a couple hours ago. Now that I've done all the standard "back home" checklist, it's time to fill you in on what went down while we were there. (I'll do this in various posts, of course, including the Amazing Las Vegas … Continue reading Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015 – Wrap-up

It is now Monday morning, and the uber-long weekend that was Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo 2015 is over. Flying in, attending all three days, and flying back home to Salt Lake City takes a lot out of you, especially when the last day includes the stupidity known as Daylight Savings Time. Ugh. See my previous … Continue reading Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo 2015 – Wrap-up