FanX 2018 – T-minus 5 days

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Well, it's crunch time for Salt Lake City's premiere pop-culture event, FanX 2018 (obligatory "screw you, San Diego"). Cosplayers are desperately rushing to finish their outfits, props, and perfect their make-up. Fans are frantically combing through the early version of the schedule and crying over which panels they will have to miss in order to … Continue reading FanX 2018 – T-minus 5 days

FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

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Wow! Are we really only 31 days away from this year's Salt Lake FanX (as always: screw you, San Diego)? Amazing. This line up is, well, amazing (to be redundant). With a half-dozen or so guests still to announce, take a look at the "big" celebrity names: We've known about Ben Affleck, Tim Curry, Evangeline … Continue reading FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

Fan Expo Dallas 2018 – Wrap up

Sorry for the delay in posting this, everyone, but travel and technology and LIFE... you understand. Anyway, Fan Expo Dallas 2018 is in the books. How did it shape up after Day One? Well, let me just say that entry was a freaking breeze. Now, I know that Dallas is very proud of their 60+ … Continue reading Fan Expo Dallas 2018 – Wrap up

Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Day one of the pop culture extravaganza known as Fan Expo (Dallas flavored) is in the books, at least for me. After an uneventful flight in from Salt Lake, where we left 40 degrees and rain, to Dallas, where we were greeted by near 80 degrees and 80% humidity... and rain. I forgot how humid … Continue reading Fan Expo Dallas 2018

“Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition”

I sat down and watched the "Ultimate Edition" of Batman V Superman yesterday... [Do I need to say that there may be spoilers for the three people that haven’t seen the movie, yet?] First, let me say that I didn’t hate the movie as much this time as I did the first time. Please note … Continue reading “Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition”

“Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

Okay, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the link to the San Diego Comic Con footage for DC's Justice League movie. I just got around to watching it myself yesterday, so I feel compelled to report on it, but I'll try to keep my comments brief (yeah, right: Snyder's directing … Continue reading “Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

Batman vs Superman – Review **Spoilers**

Where to begin with Batman vs Superman…. I liked Man of Steel? **SPOILERS AHEAD** Hmmm… Maybe I’ll just start with some impressions the film left me with, and we’ll see how it shakes out. Notwithstanding my previous post concerning the PG-13 vs R rating issue with this film, let me say that Zack Snyder has … Continue reading Batman vs Superman – Review **Spoilers**

Rated R or Rated PG-13?

[Editor's note, part I: this is kind of long, a little rambly, but I promise that it will make some cogent points. Swear to god. Like and share if you enjoy/agree/disagree.] So the discussion about movies being rated R versus rated PG-13 has been on slow simmer for a few years. Movies from the Star … Continue reading Rated R or Rated PG-13?