I have to post this…

..even though I don't want to. There are certain topics I'm really exhausted of talking about, but they keep coming up, because they impact me, however tangentially, so I am forced to mention them... again. Case(s) in point: Denver Comic Con (Fuck you, San Diego) is an event I've enjoyed attending the last few years … Continue reading I have to post this…

Fandemic Tour 2018 – Houston

A quick update on where things stand for Fandemic Tour 2018 in beautiful Houston, Texas... The ability to put your ticket/photo purchases on a payment plan expires 1 August, so if that's your preferred route, you'd better get on it. The guest line-up has been pretty set for a while, with only the occasional addition, … Continue reading Fandemic Tour 2018 – Houston

The worm turns… again.

Life is funny sometimes. You think certain things are going to happen, then they either do or don't, or some weird, convoluted combination of "do/don't." A few months ago, I may have mentioned how I had planned to attend Fandemic Tour in Houston in middle of September, and then had added the new Vegas Fan … Continue reading The worm turns… again.

FanX Harassment Policy update – 2 July 2018

For those of you wondering where FanX currently stands as an organization regarding its Harassment and Abuse Policy, here's an update. (Previous coverage can be found HERE and HERE.) I was sent a link to an article detailing the current status of FanX's actions regarding it's Harassment and Abuse Policy. The full article can be … Continue reading FanX Harassment Policy update – 2 July 2018

Where has the Shadow been?

  Hey, everyone! Sorry I've been so inconsistent with the postings lately. I've had a lot of stuff going on, and My Own Little Shadow has been suffering as a result. I apologize for that. I know a lot of you really enjoy the snippets of fiction I post, or appreciate the coverage I do … Continue reading Where has the Shadow been?

Ugh. Just…ugh.

Well, since last I addressed this (for what I thought would be the last time: silly me), the “backlash” against FanX Salt Lake isn’t dying down. Conversely, it’s not really picking up, either. Aside from (from my vantage point) the original, most vocal group expressing their dissatisfaction with the perceived response by FanX to the … Continue reading Ugh. Just…ugh.

Final Wrap-Up: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 is in the books. Finally getting a chance to wrap-up coverage of my Memorial Day weekend spent at Phoenix Comic Fest (PFC). See previous days' coverage Here, Here, and Here. This is just going to be a laundry list of things that stick in my mind from Day 4 of the … Continue reading Final Wrap-Up: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Sexual Harassment, Assault, and the FanX Fallout

FanX logo

Well, it's been a couple of weeks now, since the story broke about a sexual harassment incident that reportedly occurred between author Richard Paul Evans (RPE) and an unnamed female author at last fall's Salt Lake Comic Con (now FanX Salt Lake ) event. While there have been postings saying a report outlining a FanX-performed … Continue reading Sexual Harassment, Assault, and the FanX Fallout

Urgent Press Release from Phoenix Comic Fest.

Apparently, the convention center had to be evacuated last night due to a fire alarm. While I don't know all the details yet, it appears to have been a false alarm. Organisers have released the following statement about today's event; Phoenix, AZ, May 27, 2018 — We have met with the Phoenix Convention Center, security … Continue reading Urgent Press Release from Phoenix Comic Fest.

Fan Expo Dallas 2018

Day one of the pop culture extravaganza known as Fan Expo (Dallas flavored) is in the books, at least for me. After an uneventful flight in from Salt Lake, where we left 40 degrees and rain, to Dallas, where we were greeted by near 80 degrees and 80% humidity... and rain. I forgot how humid … Continue reading Fan Expo Dallas 2018