The great convention debate.

One of the great things about going to various fan conventions, be they comic cons, horror cons, sci-fi cons, etc, is the opportunity to see and interact with various celebrities. Having just survived completed this year's Salt Lake Comic Con, and getting prepared for Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo in a few weeks, it brought to … Continue reading The great convention debate.

A sad day for the Shadow

Well, I just posted my final wrap-up of the 2015 iteration of Salt Lake Comic Con, and I now realize that My Own Little Shadow has reached a point requiring a bit of retrospection and introspection. [Shadow's note: please bear with me. I will be referencing/linking some previous posts here, but that's to ensure you … Continue reading A sad day for the Shadow

Writing update – 24 May 2015

Hello, shadow-dwellers! Time for another periodic update on what's happening with my writing. On the freelance front, I've completed 2 more editing jobs for Curiosity Quills Press authors. Can't say which books or authors, because those release dates haven't been announced yet, but I believe they are on the slate for this year (although I … Continue reading Writing update – 24 May 2015

13 March 2015 – Latest Salt Lake Comic Con update

Well, the folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con have hit the "launch" button on this year's Comic Con event. Read the announcement below. The bulk of my commentary is below that. ~~~~~ Announcing the Salt Lake Comic Con Loyalty Launch We are happy to announce the Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 Loyalty Launch to … Continue reading 13 March 2015 – Latest Salt Lake Comic Con update

A quick announcement…

Just a quick double reminder for all the denizens of the Shadow about some upcoming events. From September 4-6, Salt Lake Comic Con will return to the Salt Palace in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, UT. If you can make it to this event, I highly recommend it. After last September's stellar kick-off event, organizer … Continue reading A quick announcement…

Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo: The Final Chapter

I am very happy to announce that the overall writeup of my thoughts and feelings about Stan Lee's Comikaze earlier this month is now live and available at LifeIsStory. Click HERE to see it, and click HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE for my day-by-day coverage of the event, and feel free to read a couple … Continue reading Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo: The Final Chapter

“Road to Pandemonium” – The Review

"Road to Pandemonium" A Comic Series from Soul Punk Studios Created/Written by Sam Dabbs and RJ Harbour Pencil/Ink by Eugene Huang, Mariana Traverso, Color by Daniel Dussault While I was attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles earlier this month, I stumbled across the booth for Soul Punk Studios (, and was immediately struck by … Continue reading “Road to Pandemonium” – The Review

Day 3: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Today will be an abbreviated one for me, since I will be driving out of LA this afternoon for my stop-over in Las Vegas (ba-BY!) on the trip home.  I think I’ve done and seen a lot in the last couple days, so it’s mostly tying up loose ends for what I want to see … Continue reading Day 3: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Day 2: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Up early and over to the venue, ready to do some serious viewing.  I won’t lie to you: I’m a fan, so I’ll be availing myself of the opportunities that present themselves to meet some of the people I've always wanted to see. Still surprised at how NOT CROWDED the venue is.  That’s not to … Continue reading Day 2: Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo

Day 0: Stan lee’s Comikaze Expo, road trip

The next few days will be a Chronicle of my trip to the 2013 Stan Lee Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, CA. Day 0 (Thursday, October 31): Left home and drove 2 hours south to pick up my co-pilot (and Snow College art major) for the road-trip to the 2013 Comikaze Expo:  my daughter.  Is … Continue reading Day 0: Stan lee’s Comikaze Expo, road trip