Rant, or: @%*%)(#@^!

Thanks, internet. Really; it's not as if my confidence is at an all-time high where my writing is concerned anyway. (Is it ever?) Do you know how disturbing it is to read over and over again that really, at my age with my writing background, I'm basically SOL when it comes to having a writing career … Continue reading Rant, or: @%*%)(#@^!

Latest project. Let’s see if this goes anywhere.

Ok, so: new project. After getting some good feedback on a short sci-fi piece, I've decided on a new project. And AREN'T YOU LUCKY? I have decided to share just the first ~370 words of the first draft of what is tentatatively titled "Waypoint Station." I think might turn out to be pretty good, actually. … Continue reading Latest project. Let’s see if this goes anywhere.

The Un-published Author’s Lament

So today on Facebook*, I threw a hint of a temper trantrum. I posted the following: "You know what I want? I want a panel discussion of unpublished authors. We can all discuss our fears, our rejections, our hopes.... Man, I suck." I was thankful for the words of encouragement I received from my fellow … Continue reading The Un-published Author’s Lament

It’s amazing what you find–

--when you start rooting around in old documents. I stumbled across this aborted, quasi-philosophical vignette and had no idea what it's purpose was. So here. You read it. ~~~~~ In the beginning, there was nothing. That was before you, your friends, your mom, your day, your stupid Chihuahua or your pompous Siamese cat. Even before … Continue reading It’s amazing what you find–

A few thoughts about storytelling.

So, I watched Man of Steel again the other night-- Wait? I thought this was about storytelling? And now you're bringing up Man of Steel? What the hell, man? It's no wonder your blog isn't bigger. Hold on, hold on....let me get there. Geesh, you're so impatient. Now, as I was saying: I watched Man … Continue reading A few thoughts about storytelling.

In writing, no one can hear you scream.

Every so often, an artist of whatever medium needs to stand back and evaluate their work. Is this project work pursuing? Have I achieved the goals that I set out for myself in this project? Is it good enough? Is it even good, at all? Yes, eventually those nagging little doubts will begin to creep … Continue reading In writing, no one can hear you scream.

The Path

As I passed among the towering oaks, the sunlight filtered through the laminous limbs and leaves, dimming the forest floor such that it might have been late afternoon instead of midday. The path upon which I trod was an old one, scarcely used now, and even then only by the most avid of hunters and … Continue reading The Path

What I do: an update

So, I do tend to have a rather wide swing on this blog when it comes to topics. I have tried to eliminate the political stuff (for some reason people don't like hearing things they don't agree with...weird.), but instead am trying to focus on my movie and event reviews, as well as update my … Continue reading What I do: an update

Greetings, Shadow-dwellers!

It has been some time since I last posted, so I figured that a brief update was due. But where to begin...? Let's begin with the obvious: my writing. But first, a vacation break with the family in beautiful, sunny California. Yes, last week the wife, daughter, and I jetted away from these positively frigid, 60-degree, … Continue reading Greetings, Shadow-dwellers!

Taking a swing at writing.

So, I went golfing for the first time this year. Hadn’t been out on the links for around a year and was very worried about my swing. I’ve never had a real good one, but when I played regularly, I was able to basically work around my ingrained slice and enjoy myself out there, often … Continue reading Taking a swing at writing.