ACE Comic Con – Glendale 2018

Coming up, another "Comic Con." This one is the ACE Universe Comic Con, holding its first event of 2019 in Glendale, Arizona (after successful shows in Chicago, Seattle, and Glendale in 2018). From January 11-13, at the Gila River Arena, super-fans will be able to meet Tom Hiddleston, Michael Fassbender, David Tennant, Krysten Ritter, Charlie … Continue reading ACE Comic Con – Glendale 2018

FanX 2018 – Day One

FanX logo

I present to you my thoughts of day one of FanX 2018. I do so while sitting in my chair at home, in excruciating agony. More on that later.* The morning on Social Media started a bit rough, with someone posting to Facebook that a volunteer told them the registration area wouldn't be open till … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day One

FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

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Wow! Are we really only 31 days away from this year's Salt Lake FanX (as always: screw you, San Diego)? Amazing. This line up is, well, amazing (to be redundant). With a half-dozen or so guests still to announce, take a look at the "big" celebrity names: We've known about Ben Affleck, Tim Curry, Evangeline … Continue reading FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

The New “Who” – Halfway Through

Well, as I reported a while back, I have been watching the "new" episodes of Doctor Who. I have successfully made it through the opening Eccleston season (or "series" as they're referred to, in typically British fashion), and through all three of the Tennant series. I am now in the second half of the third … Continue reading The New “Who” – Halfway Through

Doctor Who fans: Rejoice!

Big news for Whovians, a big announcement from Wizard Con, New York: ~~~~~ Meet The Doctors: David Tennant & Matt Smith In First Appearance Together, April 16 in New York Be there when, for the first time, David Tennant and Matt Smith, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in the long-running science fiction series “Doctor Who,” … Continue reading Doctor Who fans: Rejoice!

Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that Netflix released its second original show in conjunction with Marvel. Jessica Jones, as "lesser" property in the Marvel Universe, joins Daredevil in the this-ain't-your-grandmother's-Marvel-comics-adaptation department. Starring Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Carrie-Anne Moss, Rachel Taylor, and David Tennant, Jessica Jones was released as a 13-episode binge-watching … Continue reading Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”

Salt Lake Comic Con FanX announcement

With the holidays, I feel a bit behind the power curve, but for those of you that haven't heard yet, the following announcement arrived in my email the other day from the Salt Lake Comic Con Folks about a FanX guest. Read the entire announcement below, but the really juicy part is what the organizers … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con FanX announcement