April Fool’s gone wrong

Just a quick note for those of you planning on attending Denver Comic Con (DCC). Apparently, someone spread an April Fool's joke that DCC was banning masks during the event. This is NOT TRUE. So don't worry. Cosplay your heart's out. Back to your lives, citizens, and have a great time. I'll be there in spirit.

Some great information about Comic Con event ticket prices

I've attended a dozen or more (way more, actually) comic con events in the last 5 years, and one thing I always here from attendees is the same thing I hear from concert-goers: Ticket prices. What a scam, right? I mean, a ticket is advertised at X, but you get out the door (or website, … Continue reading Some great information about Comic Con event ticket prices

Final Wrap-Up: Denver Comic Con 2017

Sorry it’s been a couple of days, but I’ve finally gotten the time to do this wrap-up of the 2017 Denver Comic Con from this past weekend. Now, I’ve already covered Day 1 and Day 2 (click to see that coverage), but I wanted to finish up by going over some of the general con … Continue reading Final Wrap-Up: Denver Comic Con 2017

Denver Comic Con Day 2

End of day 2, and I decided to go with video this time around, but first I'll give you a couple of the pics of various parts of the floor I got before the doors opened.   And here's the video of Day 2. Enjoy! (Oh, and for the record, the second half of this … Continue reading Denver Comic Con Day 2

Denver Comic Con day 1

Calling and end to day 1 of Denver Comic Con. Waiting to head to dinner with some of the other media folks and thought I'd start writing up what all happened today. PROLOGUE: After flying in this morning and making my way via train to my hotel, I was happily able to check-in early to … Continue reading Denver Comic Con day 1

Denver Comic Con, Day Zero.

Yep. Tomorrow is the day. Denver Comic Con 2017 kicks off at 10 am. My flight lands in Denver at 9:30, so I'll probably roll in about 11 o'clock or so. Just a reminder for everyone about Denver Comic Con (DCC), before coverage of this year's event starts tomorrow: Since its inaugural event in 2012, … Continue reading Denver Comic Con, Day Zero.

A Whole New Con

Within the last day or so, I saw a new comic con event pop up in my social media: Started by former Wizard World CEO, John Macaluso, the inaugural event is scheduled for September 15-17, 2017, at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas (my old stomping grounds). Reminder: the last time I saw a con … Continue reading A Whole New Con

Amazing weekend incoming

It’s amazing how things work out sometimes. A few months ago, the wife and I decided to go to Las Vegas to see the Queen + Adam Lambert show. That trip is now only 2 days away. But, as it turns out, that’s no longer all we’re doing down there. The Amazing Las Vegas Comic … Continue reading Amazing weekend incoming

16 June 2017 – Denver Comic Con Update

Well, we're two weeks out from Denver Comic Con 2017, and the cancellation bug has struck again. Sadly, Eliza Dushku has had to cancel her appearance at Denver Comic Con this year, which sucks for all of her fans. Luckily for those in the Rocky Mountain area, she is now scheduled to be at Salt … Continue reading 16 June 2017 – Denver Comic Con Update

Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!

Okay, here's a quick look at the latest and greatest on Denver Comic Con 2017. First, Graham McTavish and Bonnie Wright have had to cancel their appearances due to work commitments. They will be missed. On the upside, DCC2017 has added Ryan Hurst from Sons of Anarchy, so that's cool for those fans! Additionally, the … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2017 – Let’s go!