Home-going 2018

In October of 2013, I traveled from Utah back to the homeland in central Pennsylvania to bury my mother. Thanksgiving night, 2018: a long-awaited and expected phone call from my brother letting me know my father had passed away after a long and painful battle with cancer. I'll be returning to Pennsylvania once again within … Continue reading Home-going 2018

Living, Dying, and Repeating

So... I was torn as to whether or not I was actually going to post this. I wrote it as a bit of a coping mechanism after my trip back home last weekend. It's pretty raw, emotionally (and grammatically, I won't lie), but there's a lot of stuff in here that needed to be let … Continue reading Living, Dying, and Repeating

Glad to be Home.

Was away for a bit. I hope you noticed, because that would mean that I'm doing something right. Find out where I've been and what I've been up to (and get a shameless plug in for VSMP). (And yes, I'm still so tired that I'm blurry in this video, lol.) https://youtu.be/7WhzJnrBO9k

What’s been going on in the life of the Shadow.

Well, as promised, the Shadow is going to begin playing catch-up in here. Most of December and January has been packed with Star Wars: The Force Awakens discussion and updates about Salt Lake Comic Con's FanX event in March. Yes, these are good things to talk about, to be sure, but there needs to be more. … Continue reading What’s been going on in the life of the Shadow.

Father’s Day 2015

So, I was going to write up something really heartfelt and touching about father's day. About how my dad taught me stuff when I was young, and how it didn't make sense at the time but now it sort of, kind of, does... sometimes. But that's boring. And predictable. I was going to wax poetic … Continue reading Father’s Day 2015

An ending, a beginning…

Today I lost my daughter. No, not like that.  Today she graduated from High School.  She will be going to college this Fall.  There will be a hole in the house when she's gone.  Sure, you could say that because she is a teenager and was always in her room anyway, never bothering anyone, that … Continue reading An ending, a beginning…

On Mother’s Day: a lesson for Fathers

I am part of a writer’s group on Facebook, and today someone asked for advice to help young fathers make the transition into parenthood.  I offered to answer some questions for them, but it got me thinking:  what advice do I really have to give? Let’s find out. First, let address the more socially acceptable … Continue reading On Mother’s Day: a lesson for Fathers