Apologies for my absence

Well, it's now November 11th, 2017 (Happy Veterans' Day to all my fellow vets), and I don't think I've posted anything since my delayed final write-up on Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. My sincerest apologies for the absence. As has been reported previous, I signed up to attempt the NaNoWriMo this month, with the goal … Continue reading Apologies for my absence

“Young Frankenstein”

Last night I went to see Young Frankenstein at a local theater. Put out through Fathom Events, it was a tribute showing by Mel Brooks in honor of star Gene Wilder, who died suddenly just weeks ago. I wondered, briefly, when they announced this showing, why they hadn’t chosen Blazing Saddles. Then I realized: this event was to … Continue reading “Young Frankenstein”

Phoenix Comic Con 2016

Yes, Phoenix Comic Con starts today. I'm sorry I'm not there. I was even going to be credentialed, but at least I had enough notice to let them know I wasn't going to be able to make the trek down for Salt Lake City thus weekend, as much as I wanted to. [Editor's note: a … Continue reading Phoenix Comic Con 2016

Adam Baldwin: Immortal?

Slightly misleading title, perhaps, but the question is this: Do any of the characters that Adam Baldwin play ever die? I asked myself recently, after seeing a commercial for Legend, featuring Sean Bean. You know: Sean "always winds up dead" Bean. So I started thinking, casually, after catching sight of Adam Baldwin on another channel: … Continue reading Adam Baldwin: Immortal?


"Build your brand." That's advice that writers, bloggers, and artists hear all the time, and one that I've been thinking about a lot lately, given my love of playing Journalist at various comic-con style events (and the limitations I have in that arena), and my aspirations as a writer. Build your brand. Grow your brand. … Continue reading Branding.

Salt Lake Comic Con – The Final Stretch

Well, we're now only 12 days away from the start of third annual Salt Lake Comic Con (Sep 24-26, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT). Organizers Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg have undeniably set the bar high this time, at least from a guest standpoint. And while there is still probably at least … Continue reading Salt Lake Comic Con – The Final Stretch

Movies, Death, and the Death of Movies

I have spent the last week or so pondering what topic to cover for my next post here in the shadow. I thought about some of the movies I've seen recently, and my brain began to spin with possibilities. Should I review American Hustle, which I finally got around to seeing (thank you, Netflix)? What … Continue reading Movies, Death, and the Death of Movies

Oculus – a review

Finally went and saw Oculus last night. I’ve read a lot of reviews since I got home, and I don’t really understand what some of them were complaining about. Literally, one of them spent the entire time lamenting the fact that there wasn’t enough scary stuff, and that people were talking in the movie. How … Continue reading Oculus – a review