And It’s Official: Denver Comic Con Guest

Just to make it all official, here is the press release, courtesy of the folks over at Denver Comic Con: Katee Sackhoff to Attend Denver Comic Con 2016 Hotshot pilot from critically acclaimed TV series to meet and greet fans DENVER – March 11, 2016 – Denver Comic Con (DCC), Denver’s largest consumer convention and a program … Continue reading And It’s Official: Denver Comic Con Guest

Denver Comic Con – Guest Announcement

Just found out that the one and only Katee Sackhoff will be at Denver Comic Con in June. Woo-hoo! That is all.

2014 Comikaze Expo

Day 1 of this year's Comikaze Expo reminded me of how often I overestimate my abilities. Deciding that driving the 10-11 hours from Salt Lake City to LA in one day was a bad idea, I decided to stop in Las Vegas on both ends of the trip. So, I enjoyed my night in Vegas, … Continue reading 2014 Comikaze Expo

My Comikaze Expo Q&A/Interview/Meet&Greet Wishlist.

So, I'm headed out to Los Angeles again in a few weeks to cover Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo for My Own Little Shadow, and I've been composing my fantasy Q&A/Interview/Meet&Greet Wishlist of people I'd like to spend 5-10 minutes (or more, who knows) just talking with, asking some off-the-wall questions of (and some serious one, too), and generally get to … Continue reading My Comikaze Expo Q&A/Interview/Meet&Greet Wishlist.

Oculus – a review

Finally went and saw Oculus last night. I’ve read a lot of reviews since I got home, and I don’t really understand what some of them were complaining about. Literally, one of them spent the entire time lamenting the fact that there wasn’t enough scary stuff, and that people were talking in the movie. How … Continue reading Oculus – a review