Holy cow, everyone; it's been a busy week for me, so bear with me as I play a bit of catch-up. First, let me just say that I took a well-deserved break with the missus to Las Vegas last weekend for a 4 day MINI Cooper event with the lovely folks that run that branch … Continue reading Whew!

Car Troubles

Nothing too major (thankfully) to report here, just thought I’d share yesterday’s vehicular debacle. Yesterday morning, I got up, got ready for work, went outside, started the car, started driving… Do you know how far you can drive in the morning before really noticing something important like, oh, say, the fact that your entire dashboard … Continue reading Car Troubles

Back to it… Trying to play catch-up.

Okay, now that I'm back from my weeklong excursion with the wife on Mini Takes The States, I need to play some serious catch-up on here, especially since San Diego held their annual geek Bacchanalia while I was gone. So, over the next couple of days, here's what you should be seeing pop up on … Continue reading Back to it… Trying to play catch-up.

Mini Takes The States – Update

Well, we're three cities into our part of the biennial Mini Takes The States cross-country rally. We've been through Sturgis, South Dakota, Cheyenne, Wyoming, Park City, Utah, and are now resting quasi-comfortably in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the morning, we will depart for the final stop on this two-week odyssey: Palm Springs, California, at the … Continue reading Mini Takes The States – Update

This Summer’s Adventure

So, this Sunday, the wife and I will be leaving to drive to Sturgis, South Dakota, in order to meet up with around 800 other MINI owners for the second half of “MINI Takes the States (MTTS).” This is a coast-to-coast rally that occurs every two years, and draws owners from all over the country … Continue reading This Summer’s Adventure

The story of Mal the Mini.

Adapted from a shorter, equally tragic, version of this story previously posted on Facebook. (Tissues optional) There is a long tradition in the Mini Cooper world that the owner must name their car. A lot of people do this with their cars, or course, whether they're Minis or not, but with Mini owners... it gets … Continue reading The story of Mal the Mini.

Minis, Minis, everywhere…

So, I'm spending about $1500 today to correct some long-nagging issues on my daughter's Mini Cooper,  "Boyd," since it has to be registered at the end of January. Hopefully, later today, we will pick up my wife's Mini Clubman, "Artoo," from its latest round of "fix-its" from the dealer we bought it from. We've owned … Continue reading Minis, Minis, everywhere…