It’s a Summer of Go-Go-Go in 2017

Hello, all! Just another periodic update on what in the world is going on in the life of your favorite blogger of all things... well, of all things, I suppose. It's going to be fairly hectic between now and--I was going to say the end of summer, but really it's until the end of the … Continue reading It’s a Summer of Go-Go-Go in 2017

“Ready Player One” Ernest Cline

I had heard so many good things about "Ready Player One" that I finally broke down, bought it and read it. This book is ridiculously full of bits of pop-culture trivia going all the way back to the 1980s, and sometimes even further, as our hero, Parzival, attempts to win the internet, as the joke … Continue reading “Ready Player One” Ernest Cline

“Rush: Time Stand Still” – A Documentary for all time

Last night I attended Fathom Events’ screening of the new documentary Rush: Time Stand Still. Documenting the lead up to and execution of the Canadian power trio’s fortieth anniversary tour in 2015, lovingly dubbed “R40,” Time Stand Still is narrated by Rush fan Paul Rudd, and incorporates interviews with both the band members and long-time … Continue reading “Rush: Time Stand Still” – A Documentary for all time

This Summer’s Adventure

So, this Sunday, the wife and I will be leaving to drive to Sturgis, South Dakota, in order to meet up with around 800 other MINI owners for the second half of “MINI Takes the States (MTTS).” This is a coast-to-coast rally that occurs every two years, and draws owners from all over the country … Continue reading This Summer’s Adventure

The story of Mal the Mini.

Adapted from a shorter, equally tragic, version of this story previously posted on Facebook. (Tissues optional) There is a long tradition in the Mini Cooper world that the owner must name their car. A lot of people do this with their cars, or course, whether they're Minis or not, but with Mini owners... it gets … Continue reading The story of Mal the Mini.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” – The Review

X-Men: Apocalypse movie review: I finally saw X-Men: Apocalypse last Sunday while I was down in Houston for Space City Comic Con. From IMDB: With the emergence of the world's first mutant, Apocalypse, the X-Men must unite to defeat his extinction level plan. Directed by Bryan Singer Written by Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg, Michael Dougherty, … Continue reading “X-Men: Apocalypse” – The Review

Rush – R40 Tour, Maverik Center – Review

Rush played their R40 tour at the Maverik Center in West Valley City (a Salt Lake City suburb, for all you non-Utahns) last night, performing what everyone now understands to be a run of farewell shows for a band that has been together since 1974. Really, that's 41 years, but "R41" just doesn't have the same lilt to … Continue reading Rush – R40 Tour, Maverik Center – Review

The wonder of live music.

So, I've been starting to go see more live music lately. I love live shows. I think the energy is great, and the immediate feedback between the artist and the audience can elevate good music to the level of greatness. And that's not just true for bands that you might already like. For example, I … Continue reading The wonder of live music.

Clockwork Angels: the Novel, by Kevin J. Anderson – A Review

My review of Kevin J. Anderson's novelization of Rush's Clockwork Angels is up at  Here's a taste: Owen Hardy’s whole life is planned out for him by the Watchmaker, who rules over the land of Albion with perfect precision, down to scheduled afternoon rain showers.  About to come of age and take his place … Continue reading Clockwork Angels: the Novel, by Kevin J. Anderson – A Review

Blogging and Humor

Today’s topic has been kicking around in my head for just a day or so, but I thought I’d jot it down and see what you all through about it. In some blogs, there is a very serious tone:  “Today we’re going to talk about the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and its treatment,” or “date … Continue reading Blogging and Humor