Denver Comic Con 2016 – 25 April Update

** Remember to Follow, Like, Comment, and Share the love that is My Own Little Shadow. And follow me on Twitter, @MWWoodring ** Some of you may recall that I will be attending Denver Comic Con in June. I have been very happy with the line-up They're putting together, allowing me to fill in some … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2016 – 25 April Update

Wizard Con Las Vegas, 2016, Video: Part 1

Here is some video of Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge being introduced for the Agents of SHIELD panel at this past weekend's Wizard Con Las Vegas.

Wizard Con Las Vegas, Day 2

End of day two, here at Wizard Con Las Vegas. It’s been an interesting time. If you listened to the notes I posted this morning, then you know what’s been going on. If not, go listen to it, then read on. Today was great. Photo ops with Elizabeth Henstridge (Agents of SHIELD) and Jewel Staite … Continue reading Wizard Con Las Vegas, Day 2