Vindicated (With a Caveat)

In one (very early, very rough) episode of the Visually Stunning Movie Podcast, we lamented that DC and Warner Brothers hadn’t had enough faith in its already well-established and well-loved television universe when it trying to kick-start its cinematic Extended Universe. Having already established Green Arrow (Arrow), the Flash (The Flash), and countless other heroes … Continue reading Vindicated (With a Caveat)

The Superman Conundrum

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, and finally just decided to blurb it all out here to try to make sense of it. DC has now released THREE cinematic versions of Superman/Kal-El/The Man of Steel in the last 10 years. One of those versions, Superman Returns, had Brandon Routh in the lead, while … Continue reading The Superman Conundrum

Rated R or Rated PG-13, Part II: a Quick Recap

A few months ago, I chronicled my thoughts as to why movies wind up being rated R vs being rated PG-13. I did so in the context of learning that Batman vs Superman was going to be released theatrically as PG-13, but the home release would include the so-called "Ultimate  Edition," which would be rated … Continue reading Rated R or Rated PG-13, Part II: a Quick Recap

“Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition”

I sat down and watched the "Ultimate Edition" of Batman V Superman yesterday... [Do I need to say that there may be spoilers for the three people that haven’t seen the movie, yet?] First, let me say that I didn’t hate the movie as much this time as I did the first time. Please note … Continue reading “Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition”

“Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

Okay, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the link to the San Diego Comic Con footage for DC's Justice League movie. I just got around to watching it myself yesterday, so I feel compelled to report on it, but I'll try to keep my comments brief (yeah, right: Snyder's directing … Continue reading “Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

“Wonder Woman” San Diego Comic Con Trailer – My thoughts

I finally got time to watch the San Diego trailer for Wonder Woman. See the trailer below. What can I say? First, I think it looks spectacular. Very vibrant when necessary, but not cartoony, nor is it overly dreary and dark, seeming to avoid Zach Snyder's influence in that area. I did notice an incredible amount … Continue reading “Wonder Woman” San Diego Comic Con Trailer – My thoughts

I just had a revelation…

...and I don't like it. [I know that I'm a bit behind the curve here, but sometimes it takes a while for things to penetrate the constant haze of life surrounding my brain, but once it gets in there.... look out!] I've talked a lot about the DC movie universe here. I've talked about Batman … Continue reading I just had a revelation…

“Batman vs Superman” – Ultimate Edition

So, hopefully I can do this quickly and not devolve into another rant, so here goes. Over at CinemaBlend, CONNER SCHWERDTFEGER, posted this article about the upcoming "Ultimate Edition" Blu-ray release of Batman vs Superman. In it, he talks about the studio downplaying the impact this version will have on the perception of the movie … Continue reading “Batman vs Superman” – Ultimate Edition

In defense of “Deadpool”, Part II

Today, this post showed up in the Salt Lake Comic Con facebook feed. Posted by Rand Benjamin Einfeldt, it posits that Deadpool could have easily been a PG-13 movie. So, to refresh, I previously posted my review of Deadpool, and then had to come back and post a Defense of Deadpool. The defense was against those … Continue reading In defense of “Deadpool”, Part II


So, the folks over at Birth.Movies.Death have just posted this blog about the DC Universe. I can't tell you how much fun it was to read, because some of it seems really familiar: For example: "Director Seth Grahame-Smith has left The Flash. The official explanation: "creative differences." " I believe in my predictions for DC, I said, "Obviously, … Continue reading VINDICATED AGAIN!