Day of the Triffids – 1981 mini-series

Nothing too laborious here, just a quick re-visit of a television mini-series that aired back in 1981. Based on the 1951 novel by John Wyndham, Day of the Triffids is the story set in post-apocalyptic Britain, after a comet passes by the Earth, giving the entire planet a celestial light-show, the majority of the world's … Continue reading Day of the Triffids – 1981 mini-series

Apologies for my absence

Well, it's now November 11th, 2017 (Happy Veterans' Day to all my fellow vets), and I don't think I've posted anything since my delayed final write-up on Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. My sincerest apologies for the absence. As has been reported previous, I signed up to attempt the NaNoWriMo this month, with the goal … Continue reading Apologies for my absence

Wizard Con Portland 2017 Guest Announcement

Wizard Con has just announced the addition of Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany in her first Wizard World appearance in Portland, next month! Wizard Com Portland will be held February 17-19 at the Oregon Convention Center in downtown Portland.

“ARQ” – Movie Review

Here’s another film I found on Netflix. According to IMDB : Trapped in a lab and stuck in a time loop, a disoriented couple fends off masked raiders while harboring a new energy source that could save humanity. Written and Directed by: Tony Elliott Cast: Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor, Shaun Benson, Gray Powell, Jacob Neayem, … Continue reading “ARQ” – Movie Review

Netflix Original – “The OA”

I know I was going to take the holiday weekend off, but I have to write this now... Netflix, home of the incredible Stranger Things, dropped another original series not long ago: The OA. Watched it in 2 days, and here's what I think. A hostage story worthy of "The Collector." Great cinematography and better … Continue reading Netflix Original – “The OA”

Netflix is my Hero.

In case you missed it, Netflix has just implemented a long-overdue change to their streaming service. You can now download available titles to your tablet or phone in their app for offline viewing. If you're like me, you're thinking, what the hell took them so long? It's such a no-brainer of a decision, as it … Continue reading Netflix is my Hero.

American Horror Story: Roanoke

Well, we finally finished watching the sixth season of American Horror Story. As you may know, this season paid tribute to one of the great mysteries of the North American continent: what happened to that first colony in Roanoke, North Carolina? So, despite the fact that they have decided to invent a solution to a … Continue reading American Horror Story: Roanoke

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016 – Freeform Television’s “Beyond”

And another one from This one was a small group press event (5 outlets at a time) with the writer (Adam Nussdorf), star (Burkely Duffield), and show-runner (David Eick) to discuss the Freeform network's upcoming show, Beyond. The trailer can be seen here: The interview was pretty wide-ranging, and informative, as you can see below, and everyone … Continue reading Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016 – Freeform Television’s “Beyond”

“Legion M” pitch opportunity.

As I prepare to fly out to Los Angeles for Stan Lee's LA Comic Con, I have been getting a lot of press-related emails concerning media opportunities while I'm there, but this one struck a chord, so I though I'd pass it along to you all. I'll have more commentary at the bottom after you … Continue reading “Legion M” pitch opportunity.

Famine or Feast? Choose your poison.

For so long, people decried the dearth of quality material on television. Talk shows, game shows, and re-hashed sit-coms and police procedurals seemingly infested every corner of the increasing channel count on cable and satellite. A cultural drought, in terms of viewing material. Over the last few years, that has turned around. Suddenly, we find ourselves … Continue reading Famine or Feast? Choose your poison.