I’ve been thinking…

Actress Lynda Carter has recently responded to director James Cameron's comments about how the recent Wonder Woman film was a "step backwards" for women in Hollywood because, basically, Gal Gadot is too pretty. Now, when Cameron first made that comment (on which he has recently doubled-down), I called "bullshit" on Facebook because, well... bullshit. His … Continue reading I’ve been thinking…

“Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

Okay, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the link to the San Diego Comic Con footage for DC's Justice League movie. I just got around to watching it myself yesterday, so I feel compelled to report on it, but I'll try to keep my comments brief (yeah, right: Snyder's directing … Continue reading “Justice League” – San Diego Comic Con Footage

“Wonder Woman” San Diego Comic Con Trailer – My thoughts

I finally got time to watch the San Diego trailer for Wonder Woman. See the trailer below. What can I say? First, I think it looks spectacular. Very vibrant when necessary, but not cartoony, nor is it overly dreary and dark, seeming to avoid Zach Snyder's influence in that area. I did notice an incredible amount … Continue reading “Wonder Woman” San Diego Comic Con Trailer – My thoughts

Back to it… Trying to play catch-up.

Okay, now that I'm back from my weeklong excursion with the wife on Mini Takes The States, I need to play some serious catch-up on here, especially since San Diego held their annual geek Bacchanalia while I was gone. So, over the next couple of days, here's what you should be seeing pop up on … Continue reading Back to it… Trying to play catch-up.


So, the folks over at Birth.Movies.Death have just posted this blog about the DC Universe. I can't tell you how much fun it was to read, because some of it seems really familiar: For example: "Director Seth Grahame-Smith has left The Flash. The official explanation: "creative differences." " I believe in my predictions for DC, I said, "Obviously, … Continue reading VINDICATED AGAIN!

UPDATE on Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, Post Noon MST

Following unprecedented fan geeking on social media all day (some of which I may have contributed to... sorry), Salt Lake Comic Con organizer Dan Farr has confirmed that "some" of the celebrities in the photo Bryan Brandenburg teased below "may" be accurate.   William Shatner outed himself awhile back, and Bryan Brandenburg has vowed to … Continue reading UPDATE on Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, Post Noon MST

Rated R or Rated PG-13?

[Editor's note, part I: this is kind of long, a little rambly, but I promise that it will make some cogent points. Swear to god. Like and share if you enjoy/agree/disagree.] So the discussion about movies being rated R versus rated PG-13 has been on slow simmer for a few years. Movies from the Star … Continue reading Rated R or Rated PG-13?