Oscar 2015 – The Academy Awards

Well, it’s over. The 87th Academy Awards is in the books.

What do you think? How did Doogie, do? Like the winners? The losers? The speeches? The red carpet?

Well, I though Neil Patrick Harris did… okay.

I mean, he’s a great entertainer and all, but it felt like he was more than a little hesitant after the opening number, which was definitely the highlight of the evening for me. I could have done without Jack Black (who I’m normally a fan of), since it just seemed to break up the continuity of the whole thing for me.

After that, it just sounded like he was trying to be a bit too clever, too cute, for him to gain any real traction with the audience.

But was it a disaster? No. Not even close.

As for the awards themselves? Well, everything seemed to run pretty close to expected, with J.K. Simmons, Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore, and Eddie Redmayne taking home the Oscar. I was a bit surprised by that last one, actually. I really thought that Micheal Keaton was going to get that one. He was exceptional in Birdman, and The Theory of Everything just seemed to have been a fairly formulaic portrayal of disability, except for the fact that it was Steven Eff-ing Hawking.

Which, you know…Steven Hawking.

The fact that Birdman took home Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture was a nice consolation prize, though. It really is an exceptional film (see my review HERE).

And what’s with American Sniper getting no love at all? Okay: it got Sound Editing. That’s a sexy trophy, right there. (Actually, I was kind of hoping that Sean Penn was going to have to choke out “And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to American Sniper” on national television. I think he’d have just walked off stage instead.)

Also, I, like most people, was a bit puzzled by the whole “Lady-GaGa-sings-The-Sound-Of-Music” thing.

But, Wow! Did she impress me (provided, you know, it was actually live). I didn’t know she could sing like THAT!

So overall, I’d call NPH’s stint as host a good, if not necessarily great, one.

Should he be asked back? I think maybe yes, but not next year. Give it a year or two to sink in, and maybe let him consider what he was tying to to and might want to change, but I absolutely think he could knock it out of the park once he collects himself. I think he missed a real opportunity to have a “pizza guy” moment by not giving one of the seat-fillers a moment in the spotlight with a quick Q&A, instead of pretending Steve Carell isn’t famous and asking him who he wanted to meet. Ask that question of anyone else, and make a moment for a movie fan. Almost zero effort involved, but a huge impact for such a little thing.

It’s just a little thing. But it’s the little things that make a memorable night.

But last night was just… okay.

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