Day 3: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Day three of Phoenix Comic Fest is in the books. Today was a very important day. Today, my wife got to do her Fan Experience with the legendary Tim Curry. She was incredibly psyched about it. As we were having a quick breakfast, the event app crashed, but a quick note on the PFC facebook … Continue reading Day 3: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018


Day 2: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Well, it's the first full day of Phoenix Comic Fest 2018. How are they doing? Pulling up to the entrance area about 45 minutes before the convention center opened and the line was effectively non-existent. They did shuffle us farther down the block to enter than yesterday, so we got to walk by the Redemption … Continue reading Day 2: Phoenix Comic Fest 2018

Day 1: Phoenix Comic fest 2018

Opening days of comic conventions are normally the "slow" days; few if any of the celebrity guests are there (so no celebrity panels, obviously), crowds are typically smaller, etc. So it's normally a "find-your-way-around" kind of day, casually perusing the art and vendors to get a feel for what you might want to pick up, … Continue reading Day 1: Phoenix Comic fest 2018

A Blast from Stan Lee’s Past (and Mine)

You'll have to forgive the patched-together pages, but you try scanning a newspaper page, lol. This is from the February 2, 1992 issue of the Stars and Stripes "Sunday" section: a multi-page article on Stan Lee, along with an article on the "coming out" of Canadian hero, NorthStar (hey, it was 1992...). I found it … Continue reading A Blast from Stan Lee’s Past (and Mine)

Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 – Final Pre-show update

Okay, comic convention (damn you, San Diego) fans, 7 days from today, Phoenix Comic Fest (PCF) will be in full swing for the Memorial Day weekend. Let’s cover some last-minute tidbits, shall we? Tickets are still available at PFC’s updated prop policy can be found here:, but some of the highlights include: Yes, … Continue reading Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 – Final Pre-show update

Avengers: Infinity War

*Here, there may be dragons spoilers.* Recently, Bryan Young over at wrote an interesting piece about how Avengers: Infinity War owes a debt to Star Wars: Episode I and Seven Samurai. While I won't deign to argue extensively with Bryan's reasoning, as he is so insinuated into Star Wars both as a fan as … Continue reading Avengers: Infinity War

The Queen is getting a new Residence

Sorry. That title should have said that Queen, the band, is getting a residency in Las Vegas from September 1st through the 22nd. Yes, Brian May and Roger Taylor will be in residence at the MGM with new frontman Adam Lambert. It's got to be easier than touring for the old fellas, I suppose. I … Continue reading The Queen is getting a new Residence

From Beginning to End – Greatest Rock Documentaries

I know I've talked about these two Rock Documentaries before, but as the second one was on cable recently, I was reminded of how well these two work together to document a band from inception to height of popularity to the ending.   Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage and Rush: Time Stand Still (review here) … Continue reading From Beginning to End – Greatest Rock Documentaries

PCF 2018 – 5 May Update

Just a quick update on the state of Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 (formerly Phoenix Comicon). They've just announced Sean Maher, Simon Tam of Firefly fame, will be attending in a few weeks. It's always cool for me to see a Firefly alum, so this is great. Also added recently is the wonderful Famke Janssen, Jean … Continue reading PCF 2018 – 5 May Update

Ash is Dead.

If you want to know what I'm feeling right now, read THIS, then either of THESE [This or That], then watch the video. A sad day.