Your Tax Dollars at Work

Ladies and Gentlemen, pardon the interruption into your lives for just a moment, but I need to tell you all a story. If you've read my bio, you know that I am retired Air Force, and if you follow me on all my social media accounts, you may know that I currently work as a … Continue reading Your Tax Dollars at Work


FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

FanX logo

Wow! Are we really only 31 days away from this year's Salt Lake FanX (as always: screw you, San Diego)? Amazing. This line up is, well, amazing (to be redundant). With a half-dozen or so guests still to announce, take a look at the "big" celebrity names: We've known about Ben Affleck, Tim Curry, Evangeline … Continue reading FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

Fandemic Tour 2018 – Houston

A quick update on where things stand for Fandemic Tour 2018 in beautiful Houston, Texas... The ability to put your ticket/photo purchases on a payment plan expires 1 August, so if that's your preferred route, you'd better get on it. The guest line-up has been pretty set for a while, with only the occasional addition, … Continue reading Fandemic Tour 2018 – Houston

The worm turns… again.

Life is funny sometimes. You think certain things are going to happen, then they either do or don't, or some weird, convoluted combination of "do/don't." A few months ago, I may have mentioned how I had planned to attend Fandemic Tour in Houston in middle of September, and then had added the new Vegas Fan … Continue reading The worm turns… again.

Back in the chair…

Well, I successfully navigated an 9 city, 12 day, road trip, ending yesterday. "Mini Takes The States," plus a couple days on each end to get to/from home. Salt Lake City to Portland, around the west coast to Keystone, CO, then back again with a side trip through Moab, UT.   4100+ miles. Wow. That's … Continue reading Back in the chair…


I'm about to embark on a 12 day road trip around the western US with a million other Mini Cooper owners on the 2018 Mini Takes The States (MTTS). A million might be hyperbolic. But there's going to be a lot of Mini Coopers of all shapes and colors. So I probably won't be doing … Continue reading Welp…

Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

I was able to go to the 2018 Salt Lake Gaming Con for a few hours on each of the two days, and thought I'd share my thoughts. I think I've made it clear that I love games. I was a big RPGer back in the day (read THIS), but as we move on through … Continue reading Salt Lake Gaming Con 2018

FanX Harassment Policy update – 2 July 2018

For those of you wondering where FanX currently stands as an organization regarding its Harassment and Abuse Policy, here's an update. (Previous coverage can be found HERE and HERE.) I was sent a link to an article detailing the current status of FanX's actions regarding it's Harassment and Abuse Policy. The full article can be … Continue reading FanX Harassment Policy update – 2 July 2018


A quick thought on writing. What's the difference between "writing" and "wrighting?" Clearly, a Writer uses material (here: words) to create. A Wright uses material (wood, etc.) to create. So why do we call a builder a wheelwright, shipwright, etc., but we call a good writer a wordsmith? Because, like a medieval smith, a writer … Continue reading Writing

Living, Dying, and Repeating

So... I was torn as to whether or not I was actually going to post this. I wrote it as a bit of a coping mechanism after my trip back home last weekend. It's pretty raw, emotionally (and grammatically, I won't lie), but there's a lot of stuff in here that needed to be let … Continue reading Living, Dying, and Repeating