Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?

[Trust me: we'll get there] This weekend, the Spring High School Class of 1988 (Spring, TX, just north of Houston) had their thirty-year reunion. Thirty years ago, several hundred seventeen and eighteen year-olds walked across a stage and began a life they believed would be full of wonder, excitement, perhaps even adventure. A good portion … Continue reading Is this what a mid-life crisis feels like?


I have to post this…

..even though I don't want to. There are certain topics I'm really exhausted of talking about, but they keep coming up, because they impact me, however tangentially, so I am forced to mention them... again. Case(s) in point: Denver Comic Con (Fuck you, San Diego) is an event I've enjoyed attending the last few years … Continue reading I have to post this…

Heroes and Villains

Here's a snippet of something I was toying with about "special" individuals in the world. Let me know what you think. Neos It seemed like it happened all at once. One day, they were just there—the Neos, I mean—“Neos” as in “New People.” A guy running sixty miles an hour down Park Avenue. A lady, … Continue reading Heroes and Villains

Today’s snippet

He clicked through the site, with its endlessly array of headlines designed to shock, titillate, and/or enrage. Mostly enrage, it seemed. That's all there was, anymore. Somebody did something. Somebody else said something. Still another someone agreed with one of the first and disagreed with the second, or vice-verse. All of which constituted a crisis … Continue reading Today’s snippet

Untitled (No, really: that’s the title)

Life is funny sometimes. "The best laid plans of mice and men," and all that. So many things to do, but only so many hours in the day. I won't bore you with the details, but, life being what it is right now, I could literally get a phone call RIGHTNOW that upends everything else … Continue reading Untitled (No, really: that’s the title)

FanX 2018 – Day Two and Beyond

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**Note: Language ahead. English, with some French, and by French, I mean cursing.** A little late, but here's some notes on Day Two of FanX 2018 [Yes, I will get to both the positive and negative... relax, already] along with some overall impressions (Day Three and fallout): Well, Day Two of FanX 2018 has come … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day Two and Beyond

FanX 2018 – Day One

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I present to you my thoughts of day one of FanX 2018. I do so while sitting in my chair at home, in excruciating agony. More on that later.* The morning on Social Media started a bit rough, with someone posting to Facebook that a volunteer told them the registration area wouldn't be open till … Continue reading FanX 2018 – Day One

FanX 2018 – T-minus 5 days

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Well, it's crunch time for Salt Lake City's premiere pop-culture event, FanX 2018 (obligatory "screw you, San Diego"). Cosplayers are desperately rushing to finish their outfits, props, and perfect their make-up. Fans are frantically combing through the early version of the schedule and crying over which panels they will have to miss in order to … Continue reading FanX 2018 – T-minus 5 days

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Ladies and Gentlemen, pardon the interruption into your lives for just a moment, but I need to tell you all a story. If you've read my bio, you know that I am retired Air Force, and if you follow me on all my social media accounts, you may know that I currently work as a … Continue reading Your Tax Dollars at Work

FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018

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Wow! Are we really only 31 days away from this year's Salt Lake FanX (as always: screw you, San Diego)? Amazing. This line up is, well, amazing (to be redundant). With a half-dozen or so guests still to announce, take a look at the "big" celebrity names: We've known about Ben Affleck, Tim Curry, Evangeline … Continue reading FanX 2018 Update -5 Aug 2018