Some new goals for the Shadow.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this blog and how I’ve been treating it, and I’ve decided on a few things.

1) I have to cut down on the politics. Oh, I still have my opinions, of course, but not for here.

2) I really like doing reviews of books and movies, even TV shows. I’m going to try to do more of them, especially for older books and movies that I like and don’t think enough people know about.

3) I’d like to do some interviews, too. Authors, media figures, anyone who might enjoy answering some unusual, often humorous questions, but with a serious bent to them as well. Nothing incredibly overblown, but covering ground that maybe hasn’t been trod before with the individuals in question.

3a) I have a list of people I’d like to interview, so I am going to start trying to make that happen. I expect a great deal of rejection in this, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

4) I MUST PRIORITIZE MY WORK. You all know what I’m talking about.

5)I have to be open to trying new things. Getting to be press at Comikaze this year was great because it forced me to look at things differently. I didn’t have to abandon my fandom, but I was forced to focus it. I liked that. It made me feel like I wasn’t just goofing off, but was more serious than I had been. (Not that I didn’t already take things seriously; this just made me more serious.)

So, there you have it: a new set of goals as it concerns Myownlittleshadow. I still have the same goals concerning my own work, and I think I will enjoy my new gig as an editor. It’s an interesting experience.

So look out, 2014, some cool shit is coming your way! Whether you want it to, or not.

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