Holy Crap! Another exciting day at FanX!

This is going to be quick and dirty, since it’s after midnight and I want to share some great pictures with you all. I promise, this won’t be the last of our time talking about FanX 2015.

Day 2 of FanX 2015 started off great! No problems getting in the venue at all. Very nice. Looks like that has basically been fixed.

A SNAFU with the autograph line for Tom Felton. Volunteers had some trouble keeping the VIP line and the GA line separated, causing a longer-than-necessary wait for those holding a VIP pass. Halfway through the issue, at least 3 FanX “Captains” conferred with the Volunteers manning the lines and got it pretty squared away.

There may be an issue tomorrow with some of the Photo Op times, as the website and FanX app are not in 100% agreement on when some of them are. If the times change, that may affect people that bought them based on times listed on the website at the time of purchase. I hope that any issues of conflicting times is handled better than the Morena Baccarin episode yesterday. But, as I said, it may be a non-issue, as the anecdotal evidence I’ve been hearing so far hasn’t made anyone think they’ll be missing any of their photos.

Finally, to top off the evening, there was the FanX Red Carpet event, featuring DJ Jarvicious. After waiting 45 minutes (in a slight rain) to get inside, while some folks were simply ushered through the luck of standing in the right place, we finally made it.

The whole “Platinum VIP” thing seemed like it was being overplayed, with the separate area for the celebs and those willing to shell out $100 for the privilege of being in that area, but the folks that paid the GA $20 price still had a pretty good time.

Gandalf made an appearance on the dance floor, until the crowd got so worked up that they started chanting “Go, Gandalf! Go, Gandalf!”

So he left. Bummer. Who knew wizards were so literal.

Fear not, though. The crowd quickly identified a replacement for their dance-happy wizard. A chant of “Spock! Spock! Spock!” drew the Vulcan from his quiet perch along the edge of the dance floor and–

Oh, fuck it. Here’s some pictures (courtesy of Kelsey Rae Media, my photographer for FanX). Please enjoy them as much as the crowd did (and Spock, for the love of God, please comment on this post, share it with everyone you know, and contact me. You completely kicked ass):

DSC_0564 DSC_0568 DSC_0569 DSC_0570 DSC_0571 DSC_0572 DSC_0573  DSC_0565 DSC_0566 DSC_0574

Gandalf made a reappearance later, throwing down on the dance floor with the god of thunder himself:



Wizards and Gods partying together? MADNESS, I say!

In the end, though, Gandalf couldn’t outlast the born-to-party son of Odin, and Thor ruled the dance floor. (and if you know who this mighty Asgardian party-animal is, please share this post with him)


So, though I wasn’t sold on the Red Carpet Event to begin with, it turned out to be pretty cool.

Even if I’m too old to have stayed until the 1 am closing.

More tomorrow, folks. Gotta get some rest for photo op Saturday!

One thought on “Holy Crap! Another exciting day at FanX!

  1. Well I got taken by the beat. Plus that guy gave me no choice and pulled me on the floor! So I let the old Vulcan ritual dance out!


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