A chat with Russ Adams of “Jim Henson’s Creature Challenge”

The other day I was able to sit down with my friend from my days in the Weber State University Master’s of English program, Russ Adams.

Russ is the owner of Escapé Design FX in Ogden, Utah.


…You probably know him better from his time on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge on the SyFy network.

We got to talk about a lot of things, since we hadn’t seen each other in a while. We spent a good deal of time simply shooting the breeze, which was nice. Russ and I get along pretty well.

** Fair Warning: Russ and I both like to talk colorfully, so take any language you might hear in any of the audio I post from us (in this or future posts) for what it is: 2 ex-military guys with NEAR-ZERO filter. Although we were both pretty well-behaved for this.**

I asked him about the unusual turn of events at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX event this past January.

(Shadow’s note: For the record, I still plan to attend and cover this September’s event. It’s still got quality guests and fans, and would be a shame to miss.)

To listen to what he had to say about it, click HERE.

A very disappointing way to handle something that had been private up to that point, to be sure. Let’s hope that Dan Farr and the folks over at Salt Lake Comic Con contact him soon and clear the air. I’d love to volunteer MyOwnLittleShadow to publish something from Dan or SLCC to set this right.

It would be a shame to possibly lose other SyFy celebrities over something like this. (Not that I’m saying this will happen, I’m just saying.)

For the inevitable follow-up question and answer, click HERE.

So, here’s hoping. Russ was a good draw when he was just representing Escapé Design FX, and his local celebrity certainly didn’t hurt the event once the show aired on SyFy.

But, life happens, I suppose…

We also talked a little bit about Russ’ convention life since FanX. HERE‘s a bit of what he had to say.

I’ll post more of the audio as I get it processed. It is a slow and laborious process for me (though I know some people who can do this in their sleep), but trust me, there’s some good and/or humorous stuff to follow.

Bye for now, shadow-dwellers!

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