Sons of Anarchy drama

Well day three here at Space City Comic Con is starting slowly. They were late getting everyone in again.

And early indications of Fallout from yesterday’s Sons of Anarchy walkout are evident on the signs posted on all of the Sons of Anarchy cast signing tables.


They say that they will not accept the pre-purchase tickets for autographs or photo ops. They are now running a cash-only business.

What this tells me is that the convention does not have the faith of the celebrity visitors to make good on financial promises.

This, of course, is the reason they apparently walked out in the first place yesterday. I can certainly understand that if promises were made and those promises were not kept that some form of action would have to take place.

The most immediate method in the celebrities’ control is to simply stop providing services for which they feel they are not going to be paid.

This is, of course, simply well-reasoned conjecture on my part at this point. But knowing how these conventions promise or guarantee certain income levels and that certain monetary issues must be paid prior to , such as per diem hotels, and airfare, this scenario seems as likely as any other to be accurate to a significant degree.

As I write this, the only two Sons of Anarchy celebrities at their tables are Danny Trejo and Ron Perlman.

I certainly can’t wait to see how all of this shakes out in the end.

And rumor has it that William Shatner has cancelled his appearance today because he does not want to be associated with the negative press. Although that is just a rumor, I wouldn’t blame him for that at this point.


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