Fan Expo Dallas 2018

side-2018A few years ago, I flew down to Texas from Salt Lake City to see family, and wound up spending a Saturday at Fan Expo Dallas.

The big draw for that event? All NINE cast members from the thank-you-Fox-for-cancelling-it-too-soon Firefly we slated to attend.

Two of them wound up cancelling their appearances due to work commitments (Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin), but SEVEN of the crew remained, and that experience was certainly still nothing to sneeze at.

Five years later, and I will be returning to Dallas for Fan Expo (hopefully this time with a media credential, but that’s another story), in the hopes of corralling the FINAL autograph from that incredible crew for my collection: Morena Baccarin.

Fan Expo Dallas banner

The lovely and talented actress has eluded my autograph-seeking efforts several times since that initial near-miss in the Lone Star State, including TWO cancelled appearances at the almost-in-my-backyard Denver Comic Con, along with cancellations at the Salt Lake City event.

But she’s not the only draw in Dallas, no no no. Far from it. Also appearing (so far) are stars the like of Michael J. Fox, Jason Momoa*, Chuck Norris, Karen Gillan*, Christopher Lloyd*, Billy Dee Williams*, Famke Janssen*, Richard Dean Anderson*, and perpetual fan-favorite Felicia Day*, along with a few others.

Oh, and Doctor Ian Malcolm himself, Jeff Goldblum, will be there as well at his FIRST EVER convention appearance.

And there’s still two months left to add to that guest list.

Not too shabby a line up. So, as April approaches, but looking for my 60-hour turn-and-burn coverage of the event (though I’ll keep you up to date on additional guest announcements and relevent news as they are announced.

See you around, Dallas!

*Also an alumni of Salt Lake Comic Convention


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