Update, 11 October 2016

Just a quick note.

Coming up in a week and a half (October 22-23) is the Phoenix Fan Fest, Phoenix Comic Con’s “other” event. Think of it as their version of Salt Lake’s FanX: a smaller, get-you-through-the-rest-of-the-year-until-the-next-BIG-event, event.

Phoenix Comicon 2016phoenix-fan-fest

The Phoenix events have been on my calendar for at least the last two years, but somehow, scheduling and money always seem to rear their ugly heads and put a stop to any plans for me to drive or fly down from the Salt Lake area.

I’ve had similar bad luck with the Denver Comic Con the last few years. After having been granted media credentials for 2014 and 2015, my plans were short-circuited by life. Thankfully this year, despite not getting credentials, I was able to make the even-shorter-than-flying-to-Phoenix flight to Denver. And boy, am I glad I did.

That was a great event, and I look forward to attending in 2017, as well.

But Phoenix? Well, unless some bit of spectacular good fortune falls my way in the next 7 days or so, I will have to shoot for Memorial Day Weekend next year to try to end my Phoenix drought, when the full-blown Phoenix Comic Con will be happening.

As for next weekend, sadly, I’ll be missing the likes of Arthur Darvill, Brett Dalton, David Harbour, John Cena, Millie Bobby Brown, and Tahmoh Penikett, along with a ton of comic book talent, such as Albert Morales, Bob Layton, Marat Mychaels, and Nei Ruffino.

Throw in some cosplayers/groups such as the Arizona Avengers, AZ T.A.R.D.I.S., Dark Empire, the 501st Dune Sea Garrison, Jaze Cosplay, Justice League Arizona, and the Umbrella Corporation, just to name a few, and you’re looking at a pretty cool weekend in the no-longer-blazingly-hot desert of Arizona.

Not too shabby, if you ask me.
I hope everyone that attends will have a great time, and know that I am there in spirit, if not in the flesh. Thankfully, I have the newly-rechristened Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con the week after Phoenix, so I won’t have to wait long to refill my geek tank.

After that, though….

I’m not sure when the next hit will come from. Maybe Wizard Con in Portland in February? I do love the Portland area, and I have yet to catch a really good Wizard Con, as the one last February in Las Vegas was a bit underwhelming for me. I was pretty bummed about that, truth be told.

This has been your geek event update for the day.

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