**Lawsuit Update: San Diego Comic Con’s Hail Mary

Very quick, I want to mention a bit of new information about the trial that starts tomorrow (November 28) in San Diego between “Comic-Con International” (SDCC) and “Salt Lake Comic Con” (SLCC) concerning the right to use the words “comic” and “con,” either with or without a hyphen, when promoting an event of this type.

Part of the argument SLCC has been making is that those words should not be trademarked, and that, even if the original trademark had not been improperly granted to SDCC in the 1990s, then they have been absentee landlords of that trademark by not enforcing it in the subsequent TWO DECADES, when comic cons have exploded onto the public scene across the country.

Today, Rose City Comic Con (in Portland, OR) announced that SDCC had given them their “Seal of Approval” to use their trademark, and they would be affiliated with SDCC going forward.

This is clearly little more than a blatant attempt to show the court some sort of stewardship of their (illegitimately obtained) trademark. I would hazard a guess that the number of events given SDCC’s “blessing” between when the trademark was granted (again: illegitimately) and three years ago when the lawsuit against SLCC was first filed is approximately ZERO.

Alternately, I believe that Rose City is the first event to have been granted usage of “comic con” by SDCC in the three years since the filing.

Which makes today’s announcement so suspect.

And by “suspect,” I mean, “blatantly flailing for a legal leg to stand on.”

Comic cons are for fans, as I have said repeatedly, and SDCC seems to in no way care about that, despite their protestations to the contrary.

I hope you lose, SDCC.

And if any common sense remains in the world, you will.

Big time.

And Rose City? Shame on you for playing along with these shenanigans.

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