So, here we are…

… it’s early Sunday morning and I’ve got the “day-after-first-yard-work-of-the-year” soreness going on.  Oh, yeah.  Back and shoulders are lit up.  Today will be a (physically) restful day of writing.  I’ve already got the last two entries of the A-to-Z blogging challenges scheduled to go up on Monday and Tuesday, so those are out of the way.  I really hope everyone that has come by has enjoyed them, and maybe gained an appreciation for some music you had a passing familiarity with or even discovered a band and music you never knew.  Maybe you just like my writing style.  If you have, don’t forget to follow myownlittleshadow and leave your comments.

While I realize that some of those challenge posts were better than others (I don’t believe any of them are bad, mind you), I really appreciate the opportunity to have experienced such an undertaking.  It is simultaneously rewarding and incredibly humbling.

Maybe for my next insane challenge I’ll try a novel-in-a-month challenge.

Wait; my ears just started bleeding as I typed that last sentence.  Maybe I’ll wait a bit before I consider something like that.  Even an artist needs a break.

So, with that, I leave you all on this fine Sunday morning.  Out here in Utah it seems (knock wood) that we have finally broken free of the overnight freeze and have truly entered Spring.  I can say without hesitation that we are all happy to see it.

Take today to enjoy your families, your writing, painting, gardening, or just gathering strength for the week ahead.

It’s a big, nasty world out there, folks.

We’re all in this together.  Be good.

2 thoughts on “So, here we are…

  1. Ahhh yard work… I don’t have a yard but we’ve already got the start of our little garden growing. 🙂

    The challenge has been a blast. I’m so happy Arlee came up with such a great/fun idea.

    Have fun with z.


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