FanX16 Day 2

So, Day 2 of FanX2016 is in the books. Man, am I getting old. Too many hours on my feet queuing up for panels and photo ops and autographs…. *whew.


But today started out pretty great. Back-to-back-to-back panels with William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi, Gillian Anderson, and then Alan Tudyk were outstanding.

DSC00930 DSC00940


[Editor’s note: more pictures to come, including “the many faces of Alan Tudyk”]

The stories that the great character actors Davis and Pileggi told about getting on The X-Files in the first place, how their roles grew from what was, along with how those roles both positively and negatively impacted their careers was funny, frustrating, sad, fortuitous, and enlightening. Combine that with the fact that those stories were told by such classy gentlemen–and really funny guys to boot–and it was a panel I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Gillian Anderson’s panel was also great, but there was barely a down note in it. Even when she was asked a question that she would ponder for a moment before saying “I wish I could answer that” or “I can’t answer that” was great. She either legitimately couldn’t come up with an answer or else she made the decision that the answer probably wasn’t meant for public consumption, and that fact was always humorous. At the end of her panel, she auctioned the shirt off her back to raise money for Taught Not Trafficked, a charity that tries to prevent sex trafficking in Nepal especially. There was a bidding war, with the winning bid coming in at $1000, which delighted Gillian to no end.

What can one say about Alan Tudyk?

Never a dull moment, that’s for sure. He brought his “bag of shit” and began rewarding the audience questioners with autographed “stuff.” A random assortment of objects, all lovingly selected by Alan as he goes about his daily life..

Jewel Staite warned us about this during her panel last week in Las Vegas at Wizard Con…

The photo op with Gillian Anderson was awesome, and I think I genuinely surprised her when I told her I thought I’ll Follow You Down was incredible. If you haven’t seen it, Netflix it. we agreed during the 8 seconds I was in there that it never got the recognition it should have. She smiled.

I like that.

Anyway, after getting Alan Tudyk’s autograph on a copy of the pilot episode of Firefly (#2: Jewel signed it last weekend), it was time for some shopping and perusing of the vendor and artist areas.

So many great artists out there… so much good stuff.

Tomorrow, Jeremy Renner photo op and hopefully autograph #3 on the script (Summer Glau). Fingers crossed.

Happy FanX, everybody!

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