Salt Lake vs Denver vs Phoenix – A Breakdown

Now that all the Salt Lake City folks are jumping for joy (and freaking out a little bit) that ticket prices have been announced for this September’s event, I decided to do a quick comparison of prices for the next three conventions I’ll be covering.

denver-comic-con-logo phoenix-comic-con-2017 SLCC16 LOGO-indigo

All three conventions offer the equivalent of Salt Lake’s “VIP” pass, which offers early entry and dedicated lines for photos and autographs:

Phoenix Comicon’s “Fastpass” runs $299 (includes $25 merchandise voucher, lanyard/badge, tote bag, collectible item).

Denver Comic Con’s “Speedpass” runs $176 (currently sold out) (includes a T-shirt and bag).

Salt Lake Comic Con’s “VIP” runs $260 (at the door, the equivalent of the other two cons) (includes a T-shirt, lanyard/badge, VIP print, small collectible, express panel entry, $30 photo voucher, (2) $5 vouchers for kid passes or upgrades to full-price passes).

The breakdown of the prices to attend the entire event (GA) is as follows:

Phoenix Comicon’s “Full Event” (4 days) runs $65.

Denver’s “3-Day” runs $83.50

Salt Lake’s “Multipass” (3 days) runs $65 (at the door, the equivalent of the other two cons)

So there’s a price spread there, that’s apparent, but I don’t think it’s an unreasonable one.

Salt Lake also offers a “Gold” pass for $95 (at the door), which also provides early access to the floor (after VIP but before GA), a T-shirt, and collectible. Neither Denver nor Phoenix provide a level of access like this. Whether a person thinks this is a good deal is up to them to decide.

Just wanted to break it down a bit, so everyone can see how Salt Lake stacks up against other cons in regards to return on investment.

See you all in September!

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